Monday, April 28, 2014

Howdy Fam Bam!

Thanks mom for the amazing Easter package! I loved it!

This week has been really great. We have been visiting more of the recent converts and less active members, and it has been a huge blessing! I love being able to see the changes in people. We need to work on working with the members more, so that is our goal this week. Also, my intercambio with Hna Crandall was really great. I love being able to learn from the other sisters.

This week, or these past few weeks, I've been studying more about Christ, and His attributes. I really want to just become this spiritual giant. I always think about a quote by Elder Holland when he said that we can become anything we want to be in the gospel. Like we can get to any point we want to get to. I love thinking about that, and who I can become.

So the other night I was sleeping and dreaming peacefully when I heard a cricket start chirping, and I thought no... sleep time is so precious to me, and this cricket was chirping so loud I was convinced it was under my pillow. So at 5 in the morning I started searching for this cricket, and I was trying to use a flashlight to not wake my companion by turning on the light. So I'm like searching, and it's nowhere to be found, and then BOOM! I found it... under my jacket! And this cricket was not like other crickets. I'm not sure why but all the bugs here are twice as big... and black! Haha I hated it. So I went to find my shoe to kill it... and when I came back, it was gone! And I flipped the light on... and yeah nothing.. And then the next night it happened again, and I thought okay I'll just sleep, it's only one hour more with this cricket chirping, and then I looked at the clock and it was only 2 in the morning. Haha so I got out of bed and went on a cricket hunt again. I ended up finding it under my suitcase. I'll just say that that cricket won't be bothering us anymore. But then when we were in a lesson last night, I was like bearing my testimony of the book of mormon... all spiritual and stuff and then I felt a bug, a big bug, in my hair. So I hit it out and what is it?! A big, black cricket. Haha And then we got home and one of the sisters started shouting. And what was on her pillow?! A big, black cricket. YEAH. Crickets are attacking. I just keep thinking about Moses and the plagues! And how the gathering of Israel will be more spectacular than when Moses and the children of Israel left Egypt! I was studying that today in my personal study. I love studying about the lost tribes!

We got a letter from the first presidency the other week saying that all the members in Bolivia were being asked to start the Book of Mormon and read for 15 minutes every day. And the goal is to finish by the end of the year. Did you guys get that too? Transfers are coming up on May 7th... the day after your birthday mom! I'm hoping not to get transferred from Bermejo even though I know it'll happen sometime.. I'll just miss these people so much. I think with all this studying of the second coming I just keep thinking how happy I'll be when I'll get to see them all again! What a glorious event that will be!

I love you all so much! And I pray for you everyday!

Love from Bermejo,
Hermana Clark

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Amy!

Feliz Pascua! Happy Easter my wonderful family!

They don't celebrate Easter here like in the states! The night before they had this parade thing at 4 in the morning with their crosses and they were singing and clapping.. haha I'm not sure what church it was but they had big crosses, and such. But I loved teaching about Christ to the people these past few days! It was really beautiful.

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster, but it ended well. All of the recent converts here have been passing through a lot of trials, and Satan has really been working hard to bring them down. But we've been working hard too. On Saturday we went searching for less active members, and we found some really great new families to teach. We have really seen some miracles this week, and we have had prayers answered. I loved the conference this past week that we had with President and Hermana Willard. As always it came just at the right time, right when I really needed it.

I am doing so well! And I'm loving the mission more than ever!

Ahh I have to go now! I love you all so much!

Hermana Clark

Monday, April 14, 2014

My birthday was really awesome!

Hola mi familia!

My birthday was really awesome! And I took tons of pictures to send to you and I unfortunately can't send a single one! Really bummed. But my birthday was good. I woke up to a sad message from the Flores Mancilla family that they need to wait a bit for their marriage and baptism. In the morning we celebrated with all the things you sent in the package! And I wore the cute skirt you made! It was awesome and I love it! Then the sister we eat lunch with made a cake for me, so that was fun too! The day was normal, we went and visited and taught. :)

This week was really great! I went on splits with Hna. Crandall and that was a really fun day. I learned a lot with her! She helped remind me again that we should just be visiting people, and not be worried about the numbers. She's always really animated when she talks too, and I really loved that!

I'm sorry I'm out of time! Love you!

Hermana Clark

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hola mi bonita familia!

Wow! I have been very blessed this past week! I got two packages from you! Thank you so much! I could just feel the jealousy of all the missionaries.. Not the Sisters of course because I shared with them.. But really, thank you! The families here in Bermejo are doing really great! The Flores Family is progressing really well, and are preparing for their wedding on the 25th of April and their baptism the next day! They are a familia de oro! And it's still super hot here even though we are moving into winter! The rest of Santa Cruz is really cold I hear! But Bermejo just likes to be different. And hot.

I loved conference this past weekend! It was a little different because it was all in Spanish... But I could really feel the Spirit, and I was able to understand almost everything! I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf about being more grateful for everything. What an awesome message. It was kinda funny to watch it in Spanish because my entire life I've heard the voices of these people so it just wasn't the same not being able to listen to Elder L. Tom Perry. I started laughing when I thought about that and how listening to him say Disney DVD in Spanish just wouldn't be the same... It was a little bit like watching the olympics or something with the voice over. I also liked the talk when the man kept talking about the olympics... haha I missed the olymipcs this year! But that's alright, I'll catch up in a few months!

My area here is really great, and the branch is awesome. We are working to make Bermejo a Stake! We can do it! I think they will be adding another companionship to my area! So that will be interesting. I had other things I wanted to tell you... but now I forget!

I love you! Thank you for your love and support! Keep sharing the gospel, and being an example to everyone! This is the greatest work we can be a part of. It is such an honor to serve the Lord and to be on this mission. This is the best choice I've made in my life thus far, and I know I will be grateful for this mission for the rest of my life and into the eternities. Gracias por todo! Los extra├▒o mucho! Sean una luz para sus amigos!

Con amor,
Hermana Clark