Monday, February 24, 2014

Buenas días mi familia!

Another wonderful week has passed here in Bermejo! My comp and I are doing really well. We had a baptism this past Saturday for a sister named Estela. The other baptism didn't go through... She didn't want to be baptized after all! Haha we had asked her before and she said yes, but the other day I felt like we should ask again and she said no! And when I asked why she just laughed and laughed.. Haha it was kinda strange.. and then I said dont you want to be clean from your sins? And she said no. And I said, you want to live in your sins forever?! And she said yes. SO, haha nothing we can do there. We explained the importance of baptism and she still didn't want to. But that's okay, we can't force anyone! We don't have really great investigators right now... but I have faith that this week we'll find some golden investigators! Because Heavenly Father is always preparing people!

My comp is adjusting to the mission field great! She is really awesome, and we're learning a lot together. She has only been a member for 3 years! How awesome! And I talked to my old comp Hna Guerra, and she is doing great at home in Peru! She sent some pics from when she was in the airport with her fam and that was so fun to see! It was a bit sad because the baptism on Saturday was for a sister we had started teaching together, so it was sad she didn't get to see the baptism, but I sent her pics! And yes we have four sisters in the apartment again!

That's so fun the kids are in town! I am sure that's great seeing them! But that's too bad they're under the weather! I hope they get feeling better so they can really enjoy California!

I'm loving hearing about your missionary work at home! You are such an example to me! Keep praying for her! And in the lessons while the missionaries are talking, pray for them as well that they'll be able to say something that will touch her heart. I always pray for my comp in lessons, and she says she prays for me too. I am so grateful to be a missionary for this church, in this time. Now is the time to do missionary work! Now is the time to find those people we promised in the pre-existence that we would find! This is the salvation of souls we are talking about! There is no greater work, and we have the privilege to be a part of it. We are working shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life and missionary this world has ever known. Jesus Christ. So keep sharing your testimony, and keep being an example for others! Lives will change as we do so.

I love you all so very much. You're always in my prayers, and I know the missionary work you are doing at home is the Lord's work! Keep sharing the gospel, keep being an example to others. Change lives!

Love from Bermejo de insectos grande! :)
Hermana Clark

Monday, February 17, 2014

Feliz día de San Valentín!

Hope everything is going well at home! There have been some changes here in Bermejo! We have new zone and district leaders. And I am training a brand new missionary! Wow! Only three months in Bolivia and I am training... As you probably know I'm feeling a bit inadequate for this... but Heavenly Father knows I can do this. Hna Guerra and I went into Santa Cruz this past week to drop her off and to pick up my new companion! It was hard saying bye to Hna Guerra. She taught me so much, and I have grown in the mission because of her help. She is an amazing missionary, and this mission sure is going to miss her! My new comp is really nice, she is from Peru and we are the same age.

We have two baptisms this Saturday, and we're praying it all goes well! Right now we are searching for familias de oro. Families that have been prepared to hear our message. We pray all the time to find families that are ready to receive us.

Sounds like your Valentine's Day was really fun! They don't celebrate it here in Bolivia! But they do in Peru.. So I don't know what happened there! And I'm so excited about Sharron, and how great that is going! Continue sharing the gospel with her! She sounds like a person de oro! A person of gold! That will be so awesome to see Beck and Holls!

Oh! Did you guys celebrate Bella's birthday on January 24? I sure hope so! Haha.

Things are going well here in Bolivia, and I am growing a lot in the gospel. I love you all so very much! Keep sharing the gospel! And we will receive miracles! Sorry this email isn't very long or informative, but just know I'm doing wonderful, and I'm loving being a missionary for this beautiful church! Love you!

Love from Bermejo,
Hermana Clark

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi my sweet wonderful family!

I don't have much time to write this today! I'm not sure where the time went! But this week was really wonderful. We had a baptism on Saturday for a 17 year old girl named Mary. She is really awesome, and is a great addition to the branch! My comp leaves this Wednesday so that's going to be really sad. I'm not ready for her to leave! And she really doesn't want to go home yet. We had a FHE last night with the Oropezas, Venturas, Varguses, and Perez families! They have been really consistant about FHE every week. It is so great to see these families continue to progress without our help. Makes me feel better about when we leave. It's really all about the members and making sure to embrace the new members. I have a testimony of that now! My testimony of prayer has also grown a lot. Heavenly Father hears us. Always. He answers our prayers. And He's not far away. He's here with us. And I will be eternally grateful for that.

The Coro family is back from their trip for work! It was great seeing them again. They were in the the campo, which I believe is a big area where people go and pick fruit and do work like that. Lots of people go to the campo to find work. Which makes it hard sometimes because they leave for a long time. Like Hno Ventura just left for the campo for three months. So I probably won't be seeing him again. It's sad, and crazy the way people have to live. I'm grateful he has the gospel in his life though.

I'm out of time, but I love you so very much!! Keep sharing the gospel!

Hermana Clark

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a good birthday this week!

¡Feliz Lunes!

Another wonderful week here in Bolivia! The past Monday I spent in Tarija. Wow Tarija is beautiful! And the weather is perfect! Everyone was complaining about the heat, but honestly it was a relief to be in Tarija! I was with Hermana Contreras. Her comp had to go to Santa Cruz for the conference as well so it worked out perfectly! We taught some really amazing people. I am excited for the sisters in that area, and I hope all goes well for them in their area. We were walking down the street to meet with one of their investigators, and these two huge german shepherds were laying down one on one side of the street, and the other on the other side. They looked harmless just laying there, so we contintued walking... And wham! They both jumped up, snarling, and growling, and barking and RUNNING TOWARDS US! Haha never in my life... wow. Two huge german shepherds! By instinct my arms flew up like I was about to box with them or something. Haha and the other Hermana stopped walking and started whimpering and saying no, no, por favor, por favor no no no. And then the dogs just walked away. It was so weird. Anyways, we were quite the sight. Me with my fists as if I could take out these huge dogs, and the other Hermana whimpering. Quite the laughs after the shock wore off! But I really loved Tarija! I hope I get to serve there soon too! I think I left my heart in Tarija... but I found it again in Bermejo! It´s the people here that I just love.

The Familia Ventura is doing really great! It´s a family of gold! We were at their house teaching them, and at the end of the lesson we started talking about what we would do with them for FHE, and how we could watch The Restoration, and go to the Familia Oropeza´s house because they offered. And then Hna Francisca was so excited and said Are we going now? I love how excited she is to learn about the gospel! That was last week sometime. We had the FHE last night with the Familia Vargus, and Hna Daisy and her kids. It was so great! And the spirit was so strong. After the video we taught about the restoration and I
don´t think I´ve ever felt the spirit so strong while teaching. I am so grateful for everything Joseph Smith did for this church. I can´t wait to shake his hand someday and just tell him how truly grateful I am for everything he went through to bring about The Book of Mormon and this church!

The Holy Ghost taught me more Spanish this week! I love it! We were in a lesson, and a few times in the prayers here I have heard the word give, but used differently, and I wasn´t understanding why it was being used that way. Then in the prayer the words just popped into my head, It´s the Tu form. It was like... duh! Why didn´t I realize that before? I don´t study the Tu form very much because it´s more informal and the missionaries are supposed to use the Usted form, the more formal form of you. Anyway, I thought that was really amazing when the spirit taught me that. I´m grateful for that, and for these experiences.

The lights went out the other day! All of Bermejo was pitch black! It was kinda crazy. Only the lights from cars. My comp and I were wandering around the house trying to do things, and then she opened the fridge and light filled the room! haha the lights were back on and we didn´t even know it.

I have to get off now, but I love you guys so very very much! Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Clark