Monday, January 26, 2015

Good morning from Santa Cruz! And Happy Birthday Jason!

Thanks so much for the emails! I loved every single one of them! Well, miracles are happening here in Santa Cruz. This week we have focused on really talking to everyone. And one night we were contacting people in the street, and everyone was rejecting us. And my comp asked, "What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't anyone want to listen to us?" I reassured her that we weren't doing anything wrong! And that one time Hermana Willard told us that we needed to talk to everyone, even if no one was listening because Heavenly Father sees our efforts and blesses us for them. And then the very next people to come along was a family. We contacted them, and they were very excited to have an appointment with us. We have one this Tuesday! We also taught our neighbors last night, another family, and as we taught the Restoration, they were so surprised and excited to hear about living prophets and apostles. I can feel more than ever that Heavenly Father is preparing His children to hear this glad message. 

Something funny someone asked me yesterday was, "How do you say 'no' in English??" And I said,"" Haha and I asked my comp her favorite word in English and she said it's "Slay him!" I asked why and she said because she was reading the Book of Mormon and it says that Nephi needs to slay Laban! And the Spirit says, "Slay him!" She's so awesome. I love my companion more and more everyday. I don't think she realizes how much she blesses my life. :)

Well I was studying a talk this week that I printed out from the devotional for the single adults or something and it was a really awesome talk!! It's called "Living With Purpose: The Importance of Real Intent." There was this story about the "Parable of the Oranges" that I loved so much. I'll try to summarize it.. There was a young man who worked for a company. He wanted to receive a higher wage and position so everyday he came in early and stayed late so his boss would see him putting in long hours. After five years, the position became available, but to the young man's dismay, another employee, who had only worked for the company for six months was given the job. The young man angrily went to his boss to ask him about it. His boss said, "Before I answer your question, would you do me a favor?" The young man agreed. "Go to the store and buy some oranges for my wife." The young man went, and came back with the oranges. The boss asked, "What kind of oranges did you buy?" And the young man said, "Well, I'm not sure. You just said to buy some oranges, so here they are." And his boss said, "And how much were they?" And the young man said, "I don't know, you gave me $30, here is your change and the receipt." Then the boss called the young man into the office who got the promotion, and asked him to go to the store to buy some oranges for his wife. When the other young man came back to the office, his boss asked, "What kind of oranges did you buy?" And the young man said, "Well there were many varieties, so I called your wife to see what she needed them for and how many she needed. She told me that she wanted to make orange juice for a group of 60 people. So I asked the grocery worker what kind was best for orange juice and bought those." "And how much were they?" "Well, I asked if there was a discount for buying so many, and there was! Instead of 75 cents for every orange it was 50 cents! Here is your change!" You might say one was more efficient or careful to detail, but the most important difference had to do with real intent rather than just going through the motions. And that is what is important! Are we just going through the motions as we read our scriptures, or praying, or partake of the sacrament? Or are we doing these things with real intent? Diligently search the scriptures, fervently pray to our Father in Heaven, and worthily partake of the Sacrament every Sunday. And that is what we must do! I love you all so much! Keep being amazing, and searching for ways to share this wonderful gospel! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Clark

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bienvenidos a Santa Cruz! And Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Thank you Kuoha Family for the package!! Loved it! It was perfect and so yummy!! :)

Okay, it's official! I was transferred to Santa Cruz! Like Amy would say... "It smells like hot trash." Haha I love Santa Cruz! It is really hot here, and it is full of trash, but the area is great and the ward is even better! The members here are so excited and willing to work. I was also called as a Sister Training Leader, and tomorrow we have a conference with the other leaders and zone leaders in the mission. My companions name is Hermana Atiz, she is from Colombia and she's just about the kindest person you'll ever meet. She speaks english really well too! Well, Santa Cruz is really really windy, so it cools it off a lot. I'm grateful for the wind! But after I talked to you on Monday we didn't do much, I took a nap, the first in a long long time! And then in the night it was raining really really hard and there was lightning everywhere and thunder SO LOUD. I've never seen anything like it. Our leaders called and told us we needed to go home, so we planned for the next day and then we got the news about transfers so I packed. It was the first time I was going in a plane for transfers so I ended up leaving stuff behind but that's okay. And now I'm here in Santa Cruz! I miss my people in Tarija, but I already love the people here in Santa Cruz. It's going to be a really awesome transfer though. My companion is a really hard worker so I am stoked because I know we are going to see so many miracles this transfer!

I can't believe you're already back in school! Crazy! And that sounds so good to eat lemon bars! Jamie will need to make me some too! That's great you have church at 11 now! Ours is at 9. I like church at 9! it's perfect! And our Consejo de Barrio is at 7. I  really like the 1,000,000 acts of service idea the stake is doing!! Do you know some of the projects they will be doing. I would love to hear more about it!! And the RS activity sounds like it'll be great!! Drink a double smoothie for me! :) We had an activity the other day where the RMs shared pictures from their missions and shared stories, and it was really really awesome and inspiring! What an amazing church we are a part of! Love you all so much. Keep being awesome!

Much love from Santa Cruz,
Hermana Clark

Monday, January 12, 2015


Welcome to the crazy train! Last week we got a call and we had emergency transfers. My comp and I were staying together, but we were getting a third comp! Her name is Hermana Adams and she's from Payson, Utah. She is in a Mormon Message called "Origin" I think. Haha anyways, she's really awesome. But we have real transfers tomorrow so we'll see what happens! I can't believe it's already time to transfer.. I have 5 transfers here, 71/2 months, so it's very possible that I will be transferred! But, after so much time in a ward you just don't want to leave them. I feel like it's my home ward now. I love these members here, but I am ready for whatever happens! President in his letter this week said, "¡Feliz semana de los cambios…donde todo cambia!" Happy transfer week... where everything changes! Haha so there is a little sneek peak of how I'm feeling. Everything is going to change because President wants us to feel like we are starting the mission over again. Like we are newbies and don't know anything and we'll go through the training program again called 12 weeks. I'm actually really excited about it!

The other day we got to see Yorka, but she let us know that she is officially moving to Santa Cruz, and her daughter Gladys went with her. So there isn't family here to come back to and visit. That was sad saying bye to her, but I know she and her daughter will be better in Santa Cruz. But Yorka told us that every Sunday she goes to church for the three hours and is advancing in her Book of Mormon. :) Sorry I'm out of time, bad internet connection today! But I love you all so much, and I want you all to know how much I know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is true. And we have a living prophet. Love you all so much!

Love you a million billion Trader Joe's candy bars,
Hermana Clark

Monday, January 5, 2015

El primer Lunes de 2015!

Well, I don't know about you, but I cannot believe it's 2015! As I was thinking about the year and my goals, I realized that this year I wouldn't be a full time missionary for the entire year. I remember starting 2014 thinking about how I had the entire year to dedicate to missionary service, but this year will be a little different. This year I only have a few months to be here in the mission field. I love my Bolivia. And I love my mission. I am eternally grateful for the time that I have here, and every new day my Heavenly Father gives me to work in the mission field. But I know I will always be a missionary, all throughout my life. One can really see the effect the mission had on someone when they see the life they live after the mission, and I know that this time here serving the Lord has changed me forever and ever.

I'm so happy you all started the Book of Mormon over again! Dad sent me the Reading Schedule so I'll be reading with you guys! :) Well to answer some of your questions, some of the traditions here for new years is everyone eats pig. I don't think I've ever seen so many pigs in my life.. The meat shops were always carrying new pigs in. Some of them were huge! But it made me never want to eat pig ever again. Haha good thing we can't eat it in the mission! Yesterday a cool miracle happened. One of our investigators, Yorka's daughter, called us in the morning and asked what time church was because she wanted to come with us!! We always always invite her but her husband doesn't let her come. Her mom, Yorka, has been telling her she needs to go, so she really made an effort and came with us. It was really awesome. And we got to talk to Yorka who will be coming back from Santa Cruz this week, and she said she's been going to church there in Santa Cruz. :) And yesterday, we were walking in our area, and we saw a bunch of members from Bermejo! They were all traveling to the temple in Cochabamba! It was such a tender mercy to see them because I didn't get to say bye to any of them when I left Bermejo. It filled me with so much joy to see these members traveling so many hours to go to the temple. I was wishing I could go with them. :)

You start school the day we have transfers! Changes changes! I can smell it in the air. Although, I would be very happy ending my mission here in this ward. I love this ward. And that's crazy that it snowed in Murrieta! I still can't believe it! Loved all the pics!! And you're right mom, we do need a new motto for 2015! Because like you said, "I need to come up with a cool motto for 2015. I remember it was 'don't be late in 2008' and obviously that didn't really work because it was 'be on time in 2009!'" Haha:) Love it! I'll think this week about some mottos we can have for 2015! But New Years was really fun because where we live, above us is just a big balcony. So we got to see the fireworks all over Tarija! It was the most beautiful firework show ever! And we drank coconut juice! Haha yes I still have a coconut thing going on.

This week we are starting to work in the family history center at the church! I am so excited! We get to work this Saturday and help people do their family history. I am so grateful we get to do family history because I've really been missing it!! I love you all so much. Keep being awesome!

Love you to Bolivia and back times googooplex!
Hermana Clark:)