Monday, January 19, 2015

Bienvenidos a Santa Cruz! And Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Thank you Kuoha Family for the package!! Loved it! It was perfect and so yummy!! :)

Okay, it's official! I was transferred to Santa Cruz! Like Amy would say... "It smells like hot trash." Haha I love Santa Cruz! It is really hot here, and it is full of trash, but the area is great and the ward is even better! The members here are so excited and willing to work. I was also called as a Sister Training Leader, and tomorrow we have a conference with the other leaders and zone leaders in the mission. My companions name is Hermana Atiz, she is from Colombia and she's just about the kindest person you'll ever meet. She speaks english really well too! Well, Santa Cruz is really really windy, so it cools it off a lot. I'm grateful for the wind! But after I talked to you on Monday we didn't do much, I took a nap, the first in a long long time! And then in the night it was raining really really hard and there was lightning everywhere and thunder SO LOUD. I've never seen anything like it. Our leaders called and told us we needed to go home, so we planned for the next day and then we got the news about transfers so I packed. It was the first time I was going in a plane for transfers so I ended up leaving stuff behind but that's okay. And now I'm here in Santa Cruz! I miss my people in Tarija, but I already love the people here in Santa Cruz. It's going to be a really awesome transfer though. My companion is a really hard worker so I am stoked because I know we are going to see so many miracles this transfer!

I can't believe you're already back in school! Crazy! And that sounds so good to eat lemon bars! Jamie will need to make me some too! That's great you have church at 11 now! Ours is at 9. I like church at 9! it's perfect! And our Consejo de Barrio is at 7. I  really like the 1,000,000 acts of service idea the stake is doing!! Do you know some of the projects they will be doing. I would love to hear more about it!! And the RS activity sounds like it'll be great!! Drink a double smoothie for me! :) We had an activity the other day where the RMs shared pictures from their missions and shared stories, and it was really really awesome and inspiring! What an amazing church we are a part of! Love you all so much. Keep being awesome!

Much love from Santa Cruz,
Hermana Clark

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