Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy almost 4th of July!

Thank you so much mom for the AMAZING package! I don't ever think the packages can get any cooler and then they do! They always do. We ate all the candy within about 2 days of having it so it was a great 2 days. And I loved having Cheerios and Lucky Charms for breakfast! That was so fun!! That was such a fun and smart idea! How do you think of these things? You know my style so well! Down to the stamped camels and the print that they had was just perfect! And the banner! Mom it's so cute! Also, the scarf and new shirt and gloves are perfect! It's been cold here so it was all so handy and cute!

So here is the big news of the day...... I have been transferred! We got a call last night and we were told that there was an emergency transfer and that I was being transferred to Tarija. We're still not sure why but anyway, I now live in Tarija! I have a new companion and ward! My comp is super sweet, and I can see we're going to really have some miracles here in this area. I unfortunately forgot my entire wallet in Bermejo so they'll have to send that to me. I don't even know how I did that... I was pretty bummed that Crandark has been seperated for a time. We had the most amazing week last week! We found new families to teach, and two people accepted baptism and we had the highest numbers again in the zone! We were absolutely on fire. But now I'm taking part of the fire to Tarija! :) So my new house, we live at the Bishop's house, and his wife is our cook for lunch so that's fun! We eat with two other sister in the zone.

I didn't know there was an earthquake! We didn't feel anything. And the weather is cold, but not that bad either. I haven't my visa stuff yet, but I talked to the office and they haven't forgotten about me! So that's good. They have to order the paperwork and then when it comes in they'll have me go into Santa Cruz.

That's so fun you and Jamie girl got your nails done! What a fun little outing! And the Christmas movie sounds fun! You know how I love Christmas! I listen to Christmas music all year round. Hopefully my new comp will like that...

How fun you went and saw all the different houses! I know how much you and Jamie like that so you guys must have had a blast! I love that Jamie was pretending to show you the houses! She's such a funny girl. Sounds like your summer vacation is starting out super fun! How has the indexing been? I miss indexing! Do some names for me too!

That's awesome you had the missionaries over for dinner last night! It is interesting how different their missions must be, but how we are all doing the same work. We're just bringing people closer to Christ. That is our entire purpose. To bring people unto Christ. I remember when I was in the MTC in Provo it was so awesome to see all the missionaries learning their different languages, and thinking that all these young people just want to serve our Heavenly Father. This time we are given is so short. So short, and we have been preparing our entire lives for this, even before in the pre existence. They are just asking us to give two years or 18 months. Just that long. If you're tired, you can rest after because we won't have a chance like this again. This past week, one of our less active members in Bermejo passed away. She had just had her baby two weeks before and her brother gets home from the mission in a month. It was so painful to see the family and the branch go through that, but as we taught more about the Plan of Salvation to others it was so beautiful to feel the peace and surity that we will live with our families forever. We can see the love our Heavenly Father has for us through His Plan of Happiness. He gives us every chance possible to make it back to Him. We just need to choose now to do it! So choose now to be a little better, to work a little harder, to study and share the gospel a little more. I know that'll be my goal. Love you with all of my heart to the moon and back!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Clark

Monday, June 23, 2014


Bueno, hola mi familia tan bonita. Estoy en Bermejo todavía! I could not believe it! I get one more transfer here in Bermejo! I am pretty sure my mission is Bermejo, Bolivia Mission. :) Crandall and I are still together! There is obviously a work for us to still do here. We still have miracles to make happen here in Bermejo! And we started out our first week together strong! Our numbers were great! We have a lot of investigators, and we are still on the search for families to teach. I read this really awesome talk by Elder Holland to the Brazil MTC, and he was talking about missionary work, and how this is the Lord's work. How we don't need to be scared or have fear because this is His work. He will help us. He will move it along. All we have to do is be willing and ready to let Him take control. Let Him do the work because He knows what He's doing. We are just instuments in His powerful hands.

Hey guess what! The other week when I was in Santa Cruz, I bought On Our Way Home from the church store there. I hope you remember what that is... We watch it multiple times before going to bed. Haha we love that movie so much. It's such a beautiful story. And we love watching it in spanish. Funny thing is I was able to understand it better! A lot of parts in the movie we couldn't hear or understand what they said under their breath, but then in spanish it was just so clear. I love it. I love learning spanish. It's such a beautiful language. I'm not sure why I didn't try learning it before!

Also, the other day I remembered the story mom about the garage sale when the little hispanic lady said, "CUAAAAATRO." And I just started laughing so hard. Me and Cran laugh about it all the time. Also, the song "Don't Cry for me Argentinaaa" I know it in spanish now! So that's been fun! Haha.

Well, I am on my fourth comp in Bermejo. I was thinking that when we were in the Pre Existance, and I promised people I would come find them, I was hanging with the people leaving for Bermejo. I probably told them it would be easier if they would all just gather in the same place. Haha. But really we have a great work to do here! There are people being prepared to hear this beautiful gospel.

I love you all more and more everyday! Keep being amazing! Keep recognizing those miracles! And keep up the indexing!! I am so proud of all of you! I think the world of you, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures next Monday.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Clark


Monday, June 16, 2014

The cambios of cambios!

Hi fam bam!

So we've got transfers this week! We'll be finding out on Tuesday or Wednesday what the new changes are.. I'll tell you a little secret.. So when I was in Santa Cruz a couple weeks ago President Willard asked me how long I had been in Bermejo, and he said, "like 6 or 7 months now huh?" And I was like.... OH NO! Haha "Something like that....." And he said, "I think it's time we move you a little more towards Santa Cruz then!" So I'm pretty sure I'm getting transferred.... I will be pretty bummed to leave Hermana Crandall and Bermejo. She's become one of my best friends, and I have seriously really enjoyed and appreciated this last transfer. Together we have grown so much spiritually. I am so much more in love with the gospel than I ever have been. I love how the mission allows us to grow and change, and yeah it's hard, but it's the best thing I've ever been a part of. Aaaand I also started packing just a hair... I dislike packing! It's sad. But I am ready for wherever Heavenly Father is about to send me. I have been trying so hard to just have the eye of faith lately. I loved your letter mom! I got one this week. And what you said about faith, and just picturing the things you are praying for. Picturing them happening and having faith that it will. I have been doing that this week, and we have seen some miracles! Let me tell you a few!

So there is this lady in the ward. She is awesome. She is less active, and for a long time she didn't want to meet with missionaries because she said they were always really pushy and she always just felt like they were reprimanding her or trying to baptize her husband. The miracle is that she has WANTED to start meeting with us. We went to her house, taught her, felt the spirit so strongly, and then she said, "So when are you guys coming back?" We have been visiting her this whole transfer now, and she knows she can really trust us. Now, her boyfriend was feeling the same. He loves the church, but he felt so much pressure and reprimanding from the missionaries before that he told them to buzz off. But then the other day she told us that right after we left, her boyfriend came to her house and said, "Hey are the Sisters coming today?" And she told him we had just left. Then when we came again the next week, she said, "My boyfriend really wants to meet with you two! He knows you're different. I don't know, I just feel so uplifted after talking with you, and he wants to talk with you too." You cannot imagine our excitement. Heavenly Father has been preparing this family, and I just want them to find this happiness and get lost in the gospel.

We were also walking in the street the other day, and we stopped at a shop and started chatting with this cute little family that owns the shop. They said they weren't attending any church right now, but have heard a bit about ours and would love to talk more with us! We have an appointment with them today!

Also, remember the young investigator we were visiting before? The one who received a really strong answer to her prayer that the church is true. Well she has improved a ton as well! She loves reading the BOM and D and C! Also, she had this cool dream the other night that Thomas S. Monson was talking to her, and he told her she was going to be a great leader in the church someday. And then he took her to this piano and he played a beautiful song, and said these notes are like the melody of life. When we play the notes right, life is really beautiful. Isn't that a beautiful dream?

Today some members asked us to come over for lunch! They said we're going to make pizza!! The mom is so sweet. I just love her. The other day we were out visiting and looking for her daughter, and she said she wasn't home. But then she said that she was so glad we came over because she's been feeling kinda lonely and then wanted to take us to lunch! We had two lunches that day. Haha and then we tried to pay and she said, "No, if you pay I'm not going to church!" Haha so we let her pay. And then we saw her at church on Sunday. She told us about a dream she had and said that my comp and I both stayed in Bermejo! I told her I was probably leaving, and she told me I couldn't go. She just loves having us around too much. I love these people here in Bermejo. I am so grateful for this time that I have had to get to know so many amazing, amazing people.

I can't believe little Jamie girl is a 6th grader now! I love you Jamie! I'm so proud of you! And that's so fun you got to see Jer and Kels! Hey Kels, I want some baby bump pics please! Also, I want to hear what names you guys are thinking of! I can keep a secret... I'm so far away! And good luck Jenae and Mike in Texas! I can't wait to come visit you when I get home! Don't let Audge get a hick accent. :) Well, that would be pretty cute though... I hope you have an awesome summer vacation mom and Jamie! Those are THE BESSSST! Go to the beach for me! It's also been getting pretty cold here, but nothing too bad! Nothing too intense really. But everyone says it gets way way worse... so I'm just patiently waiting! But I am loving the mission! I love everything about it. I love how much closer I am growing to our Heavenly Father. He loves us, He knows us, and He helps us.

Until next week! Love you all! Let's see where I am! :)

Hermana Clark

Cran and i dressed up like each other one day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Feliz Día del Padre!

I can´t believe that it's Father's Day this next Sunday! Man time is flying by. But I'm doing really great today, and this week was really awesome! We got some sweet Bermejo Santa Cruz Mission jerseys so of course we're playing soccer today! I am pretty sure we're playing against the Bermejo soccer team... So I'll let ya know how that goes! But we didn't end up going looking for skirts last week. Maybe we'll have a chance to look today! But the new shoes are working out great! They sure look sister missionary so I'm loving it. Also, I'm loving tights season! They are my best friends! It's not too cold here, they say it gets super cold though so I'm just waiting! But it's only for a couple months so it won't be bad at all. And then the heat will come again and we'll wish it was cold!

I'm so glad you got the letters and pens! I had given up on them completely! Yay!! Yes, I helped make the pens with my old comp! There pretty cool huh? I use mine everyday! I have to buy new ink though because it ran out! That's fun Jamie played in San Juan Capistrano! And great they won the second game! And sounds yummy to go to lunch together! Speaking of lunch, we had lunch with a member this week, and they gave us our plate and it was meat with rice, and potatoes. Normal lunch. Anyway so I'm looking at the meat and it looks like it's just fat. So I start jabbing at it, and it turns out you can just cut it like jello. So I'm cutting it and eating it and it tastes alright, but the textur is weird stuff. So Hna Crandall says, "What kind of meat is this?" I didn't want to know.. But the member says, "cachete." Well we dont know what that is so we continue eating. Later we go to a different member and she asks what we had for lunch and we say oh it was this! and she just laughs a bit and we're like.... what is it!? and she points to her cheeks and says, "This part of a cow!" Haha so we ate cow cheeks. WE ATE COW FACE. And survived to tell the story. Also, I had some cow hoof the other day in my soup. Not my fav.

Out of time! But you know I love you all! It was a really really really amazingly spiritual week! We are progressing, and our investigators are as well! I think this next transfer I'll sadly be leaving Bermejo, BUT! Not yet! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week. Remember our Heavenly Father loves us more than we know. So pray to Him! He hears and answers us!

Love you!
Hermana Clark

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hola mi familia!

What a week it has been! Today we are in Santa Cruz for a conference! And last week we went to Tarija for a conference with President and Hermana Willard. The conference was so beautiful, I loved it! We learned a lot at that conference, and I felt my testimony strengthened. We talked about how having faith is being obedient. We also talked about the atonement, and I was asked to share what I had learned in my studying that morning. I talked about a scripture in Alma and how it talks about how He can save from our sins, but not in our sins. We can only be saved and forgiven if we turn ourselves over to Him. He has already performed the saving act, but it won't help us at all if we don't turn ourselves over to Him. We limit ourselves when we don't put our trust in God. Our Heavenly Father has this huge imagination, and here we are trying to create a life without His help! HE can change us, He can turn us into a beautiful person, but only when we turn ourselves over to the Lord.

I forgot to tell you, but at the baptism we had a few weeks ago Hna. Crandall and I did a duet! Haha so that was fun! We sounded pretty good... I think! I also had a beautiful experience with prayer this week. I know that our Heavenly Father hears us, answers us, and blesses us. He never flees, fails, or falters. He is our Eternal Father who loves us, who confides in us. He knows our potential, our fears, our concerns. We are never alone, even when we feel that we are. He lives, He loves us, and He is watching over us.

Sorry this is so short, and more about my feelings than what I did this week! But I love you! Thank you for your love and support. Have another wonderful week!

"The realization of your amazing, astounding and true potential happens only in the hands of the Lord. But you, and only you, can place yourself in those masterful hands." ..I don't know who wrote it, but I love it!

Love your favorite missionary,
Hermana Clark