Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy almost 4th of July!

Thank you so much mom for the AMAZING package! I don't ever think the packages can get any cooler and then they do! They always do. We ate all the candy within about 2 days of having it so it was a great 2 days. And I loved having Cheerios and Lucky Charms for breakfast! That was so fun!! That was such a fun and smart idea! How do you think of these things? You know my style so well! Down to the stamped camels and the print that they had was just perfect! And the banner! Mom it's so cute! Also, the scarf and new shirt and gloves are perfect! It's been cold here so it was all so handy and cute!

So here is the big news of the day...... I have been transferred! We got a call last night and we were told that there was an emergency transfer and that I was being transferred to Tarija. We're still not sure why but anyway, I now live in Tarija! I have a new companion and ward! My comp is super sweet, and I can see we're going to really have some miracles here in this area. I unfortunately forgot my entire wallet in Bermejo so they'll have to send that to me. I don't even know how I did that... I was pretty bummed that Crandark has been seperated for a time. We had the most amazing week last week! We found new families to teach, and two people accepted baptism and we had the highest numbers again in the zone! We were absolutely on fire. But now I'm taking part of the fire to Tarija! :) So my new house, we live at the Bishop's house, and his wife is our cook for lunch so that's fun! We eat with two other sister in the zone.

I didn't know there was an earthquake! We didn't feel anything. And the weather is cold, but not that bad either. I haven't my visa stuff yet, but I talked to the office and they haven't forgotten about me! So that's good. They have to order the paperwork and then when it comes in they'll have me go into Santa Cruz.

That's so fun you and Jamie girl got your nails done! What a fun little outing! And the Christmas movie sounds fun! You know how I love Christmas! I listen to Christmas music all year round. Hopefully my new comp will like that...

How fun you went and saw all the different houses! I know how much you and Jamie like that so you guys must have had a blast! I love that Jamie was pretending to show you the houses! She's such a funny girl. Sounds like your summer vacation is starting out super fun! How has the indexing been? I miss indexing! Do some names for me too!

That's awesome you had the missionaries over for dinner last night! It is interesting how different their missions must be, but how we are all doing the same work. We're just bringing people closer to Christ. That is our entire purpose. To bring people unto Christ. I remember when I was in the MTC in Provo it was so awesome to see all the missionaries learning their different languages, and thinking that all these young people just want to serve our Heavenly Father. This time we are given is so short. So short, and we have been preparing our entire lives for this, even before in the pre existence. They are just asking us to give two years or 18 months. Just that long. If you're tired, you can rest after because we won't have a chance like this again. This past week, one of our less active members in Bermejo passed away. She had just had her baby two weeks before and her brother gets home from the mission in a month. It was so painful to see the family and the branch go through that, but as we taught more about the Plan of Salvation to others it was so beautiful to feel the peace and surity that we will live with our families forever. We can see the love our Heavenly Father has for us through His Plan of Happiness. He gives us every chance possible to make it back to Him. We just need to choose now to do it! So choose now to be a little better, to work a little harder, to study and share the gospel a little more. I know that'll be my goal. Love you with all of my heart to the moon and back!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Clark

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