Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Johnny!


Hola from my new area! It's great here! I'm loving my new area, and I have found that really amazing people just live all over Bolivia. :)

Sorry in advance, this is going to be a short email, but a little bit about my new area... I am living at the Bishop's place, but it's this separate apartment so not in their house. We eat lunch with them everyday though so that's really fun. I hear that they have 5 or 6 kids, but I've yet to see any of them!!! Haha. Also, best part.... they have a washing machine! It's been really awesome! I think my clothes are cleaner than they have ever been! There are also a lot of people from the states here, but are here for other religions, but it's still fun to chat with them. It's been really exciting here too with the World Cup going on! We don't even have to watch it to know the score or who wins! You can tell by the fireworks! There is this less active member from Argentina and when they won the other day he was running up and down the streets with his flag tied around him and banging pots and pans. Haha it was so funny. Also, I found a cockroach in the bathroom the other day, so I've been having cockroaches in my dreams! Haha it's the worst. I was showering and he came out of the drain and I just had to brave up and kill it. Hard work. But I haven't seen any since... so that means there aren't any more........ haha... And they have jellybeans, snickers, and nutella here! It's all really expensive though. I do miss necco wafers and pinks though. :)

We have had a lot of success here in my new area. My comp is new here too. She only has one week more than I do here so it's like we're opening an area. The sisters before were just visiting the same people over and over so we're trying to start over. We found this amazing lady the other day! We were buying something to drink and started chatting with her, and she asked if we could sit and chat a while. We were like, heck yes! So we talked with her, she's about 30 and is planning her wedding, and has two kids, 12 and 15. She accepted baptism for the 26th of July, and came to church yesterday! It was a lot of miracles! She also asked us if we could come back and teach her everyday. So of course we're going to do that! We also had another woman accept baptism for the 26th last night! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and she really loved it. I am doing really great here in my new area, and I can tell I'm going to grow a lot from this next transfer! I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. It means the world to me.

Have a beautiful week full of miracles! Keep praying for those missionary experiences!

Hermana Clark

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