Monday, July 14, 2014

It's great to be 8! Happy birthday Ivy girl!!!!

This week has been the fastest! I'm not sure what's happening but I've never seen weeks pass so fast before in my life! Tarija is super sweet! It's really beautiful here!! And my new comp is good. We are working really hard here. The two ladies with the baptism date are good. One came to church yesterday, and the other went on vacation so her date fell through. Last Monday after emailing, we took some money out and I bought this super sweet Bolivia bag! Then we went food shopping, and did laundry and napped. I'm pretty sure we'll do the same things all over again. In that order. Minus buying the Bolivian bag again. There are about 20 missionaries here in our zone, and three companionships in my ward! The people that are here from the states are Jehovah's Witnesses, and they're all really nice. I saw some girls yesterday speaking English, I think they were just traveling.

So we have a washer here but not a dryer. You can't have it all! :) The clothes actually dry super fast so it's not a problem. And feel free to send Twizlers if you feel so inclined! Haha.

Mom your new calling sounds like it will be great! You'll be perfect for it!! I'm so excited to see what sort of things you do! And that will be fun to be in Relief Society again. That's too bad you're not teaching Jamie's class anymore, but I think you'll love your new calling too! That sounds so fun about flying to Utah! Don't be scared mom! Everything will be great and you'll be able to see the kids!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Yesterday we met with this super awesome family, but they only can meet on Sundays. Bummer. But we're going back next Sunday! And we'll probably try to stop by sometime this week. Our area is really awesome, and has so much potential to grow! I love being a missionary, and being here in Bolivia. This is such an honor and blessing to be here. I love you all so much! Have a beautiful week!!

Love you a million billion 100 grands,
Hermana Clark

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