Monday, July 21, 2014

Hi fam bam

First off, my exclamation mark button is broken, so sorry... But HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY.
It's been quite the week. We had interviews with the Mission President this week. That was my favorite thing ever. He is so awesome I just want to be his best friend. He told me some pretty awesome things, and we got to chat for a bit. When I came in I shook his hand, and then he asked me to offer the opening prayer. Then the rest of the time we just chatted. He then told me, "Hermana Clark, I'm going to tell you a little secret about these interviews. The actual interview is when you walk in the door, shake my hand, and say the prayer. The rest of the time is just time to chat. I knew how you were doing when I shook your hand, and you said the prayer." And he talked about how he could feel the spirit so strongly when I prayed, and he knew that I was doing really great. We talked about goals that I have and concerns that I may be having. He told me a cool story about how with his kids, or his students when he was a seminary teacher, how they could read any two verses anywhere in the Book of Mormon and he had 60 seconds to find where they were, and he got it almost every time. Haha isn't that awesome?? That's my goal. To know the scriptures so well, just like that. And then we ended with a prayer and he prayed, and it was such a beautiful prayer. He blessed me, and said that he unlocks all of the blessings and talents that I received from the pre existence. It was just all so wonderful. And then after that I left and my companion went in and I went and talked with Sister Willard. She is so awesome too. She was just wanting to see how my health is, and then she told me, "Hermana Clark, we are so glad you are here. I remember the day we first met you and afterwards President and I talked and we just knew you were this quiet leader." And then the next day we had a conference with President Willard and Hermana Willard. It was a great two days. Super awesome.
And this week... I have a story. A story of horror. So if you're not ready for it, don't read. But one night, I was sleeping away, just dreaming of something awesome like gumdrops. And suddenly, I woke up. Something was tickling my finger. My hand shot to finger, fastest reflexes I have ever seen while I am sleeping or awake. And half asleep I grab the thing on my finger and throw it on the ground. This all happened so fast it was like a ninja, I'm not even kidding. Anyway, so I throw whatever it was out, and half asleep I think it was a hair. And then I start to wake up a little more and realize I grabbed something bigger than a ball of hair. So I shine the alarm light on the ground, and I find a BUG. It's a bug. And in the light of the alarm the bug looked white and just gross. It was about the size of like a penny or something. And I have this passing thought, blah a bug, at least it wasn't a cockroach. And then I smashed it with my shoe. Then in the morning, I get up and pray, and afterwards I remember the incident from the night before and I flip on the light to find that it was not a little white bug at all, but a nasty dirty cockroach. Just crawling around while I'm dreaming of gumdrops. The nerve of some bugs. Since then I have put plugs in all the doors, and we keep a thing on the drain so that none can come out of there. And then I just pray every night that I won't see another. And it's worked thus far. Haha I'm happy to say that the experience doesn't seem so bad to me now. For a few days after it happened, it was all I could think about. But I'm good now.
But it's been a good week. Lots of hard work, and some new families to teach. We are being greatly blessed. I love you all so much. Have a beautiful week. Talk to you next Lunes.
Love you a million billion twizlers,
Hermana Clark

sitting at my desk doing some important paperwork. haha
Our beautiful one room house!

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