Monday, June 9, 2014

Feliz Día del Padre!

I can´t believe that it's Father's Day this next Sunday! Man time is flying by. But I'm doing really great today, and this week was really awesome! We got some sweet Bermejo Santa Cruz Mission jerseys so of course we're playing soccer today! I am pretty sure we're playing against the Bermejo soccer team... So I'll let ya know how that goes! But we didn't end up going looking for skirts last week. Maybe we'll have a chance to look today! But the new shoes are working out great! They sure look sister missionary so I'm loving it. Also, I'm loving tights season! They are my best friends! It's not too cold here, they say it gets super cold though so I'm just waiting! But it's only for a couple months so it won't be bad at all. And then the heat will come again and we'll wish it was cold!

I'm so glad you got the letters and pens! I had given up on them completely! Yay!! Yes, I helped make the pens with my old comp! There pretty cool huh? I use mine everyday! I have to buy new ink though because it ran out! That's fun Jamie played in San Juan Capistrano! And great they won the second game! And sounds yummy to go to lunch together! Speaking of lunch, we had lunch with a member this week, and they gave us our plate and it was meat with rice, and potatoes. Normal lunch. Anyway so I'm looking at the meat and it looks like it's just fat. So I start jabbing at it, and it turns out you can just cut it like jello. So I'm cutting it and eating it and it tastes alright, but the textur is weird stuff. So Hna Crandall says, "What kind of meat is this?" I didn't want to know.. But the member says, "cachete." Well we dont know what that is so we continue eating. Later we go to a different member and she asks what we had for lunch and we say oh it was this! and she just laughs a bit and we're like.... what is it!? and she points to her cheeks and says, "This part of a cow!" Haha so we ate cow cheeks. WE ATE COW FACE. And survived to tell the story. Also, I had some cow hoof the other day in my soup. Not my fav.

Out of time! But you know I love you all! It was a really really really amazingly spiritual week! We are progressing, and our investigators are as well! I think this next transfer I'll sadly be leaving Bermejo, BUT! Not yet! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week. Remember our Heavenly Father loves us more than we know. So pray to Him! He hears and answers us!

Love you!
Hermana Clark

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