Monday, February 24, 2014

Buenas días mi familia!

Another wonderful week has passed here in Bermejo! My comp and I are doing really well. We had a baptism this past Saturday for a sister named Estela. The other baptism didn't go through... She didn't want to be baptized after all! Haha we had asked her before and she said yes, but the other day I felt like we should ask again and she said no! And when I asked why she just laughed and laughed.. Haha it was kinda strange.. and then I said dont you want to be clean from your sins? And she said no. And I said, you want to live in your sins forever?! And she said yes. SO, haha nothing we can do there. We explained the importance of baptism and she still didn't want to. But that's okay, we can't force anyone! We don't have really great investigators right now... but I have faith that this week we'll find some golden investigators! Because Heavenly Father is always preparing people!

My comp is adjusting to the mission field great! She is really awesome, and we're learning a lot together. She has only been a member for 3 years! How awesome! And I talked to my old comp Hna Guerra, and she is doing great at home in Peru! She sent some pics from when she was in the airport with her fam and that was so fun to see! It was a bit sad because the baptism on Saturday was for a sister we had started teaching together, so it was sad she didn't get to see the baptism, but I sent her pics! And yes we have four sisters in the apartment again!

That's so fun the kids are in town! I am sure that's great seeing them! But that's too bad they're under the weather! I hope they get feeling better so they can really enjoy California!

I'm loving hearing about your missionary work at home! You are such an example to me! Keep praying for her! And in the lessons while the missionaries are talking, pray for them as well that they'll be able to say something that will touch her heart. I always pray for my comp in lessons, and she says she prays for me too. I am so grateful to be a missionary for this church, in this time. Now is the time to do missionary work! Now is the time to find those people we promised in the pre-existence that we would find! This is the salvation of souls we are talking about! There is no greater work, and we have the privilege to be a part of it. We are working shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life and missionary this world has ever known. Jesus Christ. So keep sharing your testimony, and keep being an example for others! Lives will change as we do so.

I love you all so very much. You're always in my prayers, and I know the missionary work you are doing at home is the Lord's work! Keep sharing the gospel, keep being an example to others. Change lives!

Love from Bermejo de insectos grande! :)
Hermana Clark

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