Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Michael!

Well hello there my beautiful wonderful family that I love so much!

Thanks mom for the Valentine package! That was so fun to get, and the candy was perfect for our time in the house for Carnival!!

It has been too long! I can't believe we're in March already! Whaaaat? Where is the time going? These past two weeks have been really really amazing! We spent three days in the house for Carnival, and by the end I think I was going a little crazy... It was a lot of time inside, but I learned a lot! We had a specific schedule we had to follow for those days, and I learned about how important it is to work with those members in the ward. They are everything! But we have been trying so hard to work with the members, but they keep canceling on us when we have lessons with them.. Work with the missionaries! They need you!

We have been asking for references and about the less active members from everyone, but unfortunately we haven’t had too much success with that thus far. But we keep trying! This week was full of miracles, though. Bermejo is a place that is just full of miracles. My companion and I have been writing everyday those miracles we see throughout the day, and it’s amazing to see how the Lord is blessing us in His work! We have had three people this past week that called to us and asked how they can start coming to church. Three people! One is a family that is really amazing. They are really excited about everything, and they were so excited when we gave them a Book of Mormon!


I went on splits with Hermana Baldridge this past week, and I learned so much. It was perfect timing, and exactly what I needed, to remember that this work isn’t about me. That this work is so much bigger than we can even imagine. I learned how much more important it is to teach the people, not the lessons. I had known that before, but with her I was able to see it, and see how to do it. Our lessons have been a lot better since. A lot more meaningful. I love seeing how much my testimony is growing, and how much I am growing as a person. We’re really working hard here in Bermejo, and now I feel like we’re working hard with the Lord.

Our recent converts are doing really great. Hermana Estela was so happy the other day when we visited her. She had never been like that before. It's so beautiful watching people's lives change. The Oropeza, and Ventura family are always in the capilla, and they are reading The Book of Mormon as a family. I just love it! And our new investigator family, The Mancilla family has a baptismal date, and they are really excited about everything. When we taught about the first vision, the spirit was SO strong. It was amazing. It was a testimony builder for me too. I love this work!

I can't believe it's already time for Jamie's play! I remember when she tried out and I was still at home, and I thought about when her play would be and it seemed so far away! And now look! Time is flying, it's insane! Break a leg Jamie girl! :)

I love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support everyday. Have a wonderful week!!!

Love from Bermejo de los Milagros,

Hermana Clark :)

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