Monday, March 24, 2014

¡Hola mi familia!

This week has been a really good one! We are on week 6 out of 6 weeks of our transfer, so that means transfers this Tuesday night! I'm feeling really nervous because I really really don't want to leave Bermejo. I want to spend my whole mission here! Haha. We went to Tarija on Saturday for a conference with Elder Grow! He is one of the area 70! And wow what a meeting that was! It was with the missionaries in Tarija, and with us from Bermejo. Last pday we went and played soccer, and today we're going to that bridge again that is half Bolivia and half Argentina. And I'm pretty much counting down the days until General Conference. I just can hardly wait.

But this past week has been really good. My relationship with Heavenly Father has grown a lot this week. I feel like I have more trust in Him. I also really loved the conference with Elder Grow. That was one of the highlights of the week. I received a lot of revelation in that meeting, and I have been trying to apply it to my week here in Bermejo. We have been working more and more with the members to find the less active members and to visit the new converts in our area. It’s been really interesting because these past two weeks Satan has been attacking our new members so hard. They are all having different problems, but I know that through those mensajes de oro, we can help these sons and daughters of God remember why they chose to follow Christ in the first place.

The more I teach, the more grateful I am for the temple and the covenants we can make with our Heavenly Father there. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here in Bolivia. I always think about the pre-existence and the people that I knew there. I think about those promises I made to them to find them when we came to earth to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I didn’t just make these promises to people here in Bolivia. I made these promises to others and that’s why I will be a missionary for the rest of my life. I will forever share this message with people because this is the salvation of souls we're talking about. There is no greater work. I also really really loved the quote you sent me about how this is the Lord's time. I have thought of that quote everyday, and when I feel like giving up I think of that quote, and it helps me to keep going. So thank you! That was definitely inspired!

I loved hearing about your week! That's so fun Johnny and Amy and the kids are down! And super awesome about the invention of Jamie! I want to see pictures of that when you're all done!!! Love you so much! Have a beautiful week! Keep recognizing those miracles!

Love from Bermejo de los Milagros,

Hermana Clark

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