Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Audrey!

Hola mi familia! And Happy St. Patrick's Day from Bolivia!

And thank you for the package!!!! I was trying to explain what is St. Patrick's Day to my companion this morning.. Haha the word leprechaun isn't in the dictionary. But she knew about those little green men with red hair.. But when she asked why we celebrate this holiday I realized I have no idea... Haha we just wear green and pinch people. But this week has been really great! We had a time when we didn't have any investigators, and now we have so many we're constantly running around visiting them! It's been perfect! We have been writing down the miracles we see everyday, and that's been really awesome as well. I can't remember if I told you about that. Working with the members this week was the same as last week. Canceling last minute, and when we had members with us we never could meet with an investigator. They just never were in their houses. But this week will be different! I can feel it! The Familia Mancilla has a baptismal date for the 5th of April! So that's awesome! But they also need to get married..But they're progressing really well. They are already in the 5th chapter of the Book of Mormon and we just gave it to them the other day! He goes on trips a lot though, so it was just the wife that could come to church yesterday so that was too bad.. But they're progressing really well! They're a really really amazing family! I definitely feel like I've known them longer than I have.

Jamie's play sounds awesome! And that's so great about the jacket for Jamie! How perfect you found that for the play! Sounds like everything went really well! I was thinking about her on Saturday! All the missionaries here also did a play on Saturday! Well we did a talent show! That was really fun! And really really funny! I'm going to try to send some videos next week! You won't think it's funny since it's in Spanish..... but we sang Book of Mormon stories so you can enjoy that! :) I love you so much! Sorry this is short, but I love you all the same! How is the missionary work going in the ward? I want to hear more about it!!

Love from Bolivia,
Hermana Clark

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