Monday, February 17, 2014

Feliz día de San Valentín!

Hope everything is going well at home! There have been some changes here in Bermejo! We have new zone and district leaders. And I am training a brand new missionary! Wow! Only three months in Bolivia and I am training... As you probably know I'm feeling a bit inadequate for this... but Heavenly Father knows I can do this. Hna Guerra and I went into Santa Cruz this past week to drop her off and to pick up my new companion! It was hard saying bye to Hna Guerra. She taught me so much, and I have grown in the mission because of her help. She is an amazing missionary, and this mission sure is going to miss her! My new comp is really nice, she is from Peru and we are the same age.

We have two baptisms this Saturday, and we're praying it all goes well! Right now we are searching for familias de oro. Families that have been prepared to hear our message. We pray all the time to find families that are ready to receive us.

Sounds like your Valentine's Day was really fun! They don't celebrate it here in Bolivia! But they do in Peru.. So I don't know what happened there! And I'm so excited about Sharron, and how great that is going! Continue sharing the gospel with her! She sounds like a person de oro! A person of gold! That will be so awesome to see Beck and Holls!

Oh! Did you guys celebrate Bella's birthday on January 24? I sure hope so! Haha.

Things are going well here in Bolivia, and I am growing a lot in the gospel. I love you all so very much! Keep sharing the gospel! And we will receive miracles! Sorry this email isn't very long or informative, but just know I'm doing wonderful, and I'm loving being a missionary for this beautiful church! Love you!

Love from Bermejo,
Hermana Clark

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