Monday, April 14, 2014

My birthday was really awesome!

Hola mi familia!

My birthday was really awesome! And I took tons of pictures to send to you and I unfortunately can't send a single one! Really bummed. But my birthday was good. I woke up to a sad message from the Flores Mancilla family that they need to wait a bit for their marriage and baptism. In the morning we celebrated with all the things you sent in the package! And I wore the cute skirt you made! It was awesome and I love it! Then the sister we eat lunch with made a cake for me, so that was fun too! The day was normal, we went and visited and taught. :)

This week was really great! I went on splits with Hna. Crandall and that was a really fun day. I learned a lot with her! She helped remind me again that we should just be visiting people, and not be worried about the numbers. She's always really animated when she talks too, and I really loved that!

I'm sorry I'm out of time! Love you!

Hermana Clark

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