Monday, September 22, 2014

Hola from Bolivia!

Well, it has just been quite the week here! On Wednesday, my zone leaders told me at lunch that I was leaving on a plane to Santa Cruz at 4 in the afternoon! It was time to do my papers for my documents and everything! So I got my stuff together and went to the airport, and flew to Santa Cruz! There were some other missionaries who went to do their papers too. And you know how I love to fly, so that was a special treat! When we got to Santa Cruz the first thing I thought was wow it's hot. Haha a lot hotter than Tarija! Tarija has beautiful weather. It's kind of like California. But Santa Cruz, whew, super humid. So we got there at night time Wednesday, and I stayed with some sisters there, and another sister that was traveling with me. In the morning we had to be at the government office to do our documents at 6:30, and we waited in a line for a while... It was like the DMV... so I liked it:) And then the lawyers came! So the mission has lawyers that help the missionaries  with all their documents. I was glad they were there or I think people would try to pull stuff on us. Okay, and then I was waiting in line with the lawyers, and some other missionaries, and one of the missionaries from my group went up to the counter and all his paperwork was expired, meaning mine was too... haha so we left there really fast, and went to a clinic to draw some blood. And the lady was telling us it would be ready on Monday! And I thought, aaah I'm stuck here all weekend. But the lawyers are awesome and somehow got the paperwork done for the next day! But inbetween all of that we went with the other missionaries to do their paperwork. There were some missionaries from Argentina and from Peru so we had to go to the offices of Peru and Argentina. And it's interesting because the Bolivian police can't do anything in the gates of these offices because it's Argentina territory so pretty much I went to Argentina and Peru this week. That counts right? I think so! Theeeen, we didn't have any more we could do in the offices, so we were split up and went with different missionaries to work in their areas. And I loved working in Santa Cruz! I really enjoyed the area, and the people. It's like LA. Just a big city, and I just love big cities. Then I stayed the night with those sisters, and in the morning we had to be at the offices early again! And we got there and something happened and we had to come back later, but the lawyers didn't want us to leave in case the office called us and told us we could come in. So we went to the mission office to kill some time, but they were closed! So we just studied outside the door for a while. Then we went and got some Burger King. That was fun! A whopper and fries! And it started raining really hard too! So it's like pouring rain, and we have to get back to the offices to finish our documents, and we were a little lost, but in the end we got there, finished the document, and now I am legally here! Yay! So then we went back to the mission office because they were open, and the elders there told me they booked our flights, but that we had missed our flights for the afternoon, so we were leaving Saturday morning. Then they told me that there wasn't room on the plane, so they booked a flight for me to fly with President and Sister Willard and their daughter Monica to a city called Yacuiva! And then I would take a flight to Tarija! The thing about this flight is that it's pretty famous here in the mission... It's known for just being really bumpy and ify.. haha so I was stoked for the adventure! The planes are really small, and it was raining really hard so we couldn't take off. They ended up delaying the flight until later, and I went with President, Sister Willard, and Monica back to their house! And we made breakfast! Haha we cooked some eggs and made breakfast burritos. Haha so that was fun hanging out with the Willards:) Then after brunch we cleaned up, and they said that they had been up until 2 and then got up really early and they were going to go nap, and asked if I wanted to nap! Haha I wasn't tired though so I stayed up and studied instead. I know it's hard to believe I didn't take up their offer to nap..... Their house is really pretty though so I enjoyed studying there. And it just continued to rain and rain and the streets were flooded! You could probably water-ski or something if you really wanted to! I did.

In President's house I was studying about Jacob 5. And I really liked in verse 64 that it says, "then shall ye prepare the way for them, that they may grow." And I was thinking about that.. That the Lord prepares a way for us, and sometimes the way is hard. But it's to make us grow. He makes the way to make us into the persons that He wants us to be. And if He prepared the way, He will provide a way! We just have to trust in Him. Trust in the plan that He has for us because nothing is impossible for the Lord.

In the end, we ended up getting on a plane! And it wasn't raining so it was just pluses all around! And we flew with an Elder that was ending his mission in Mexico. We got off the plane and his family just ran to him and they were all crying and haha if that doesn't make you trunky I don't know what does. Then the mom and sisters were crying and hugging me and they were just all so happy. Haha it was really sweet. Then President walked me over to the boarding gate and I got back on the plane, and flew alone to Tarija. It was really weird being without a companion and I really didn't like it. Good thing it was a short flight. But that was my week! Pretty crazy huh! And then yesterday we had an awesome appointment with a new investigator, and the night before we met with a family who are progressing really well!

All in all it was a great week! Can't wait to hear next week if Jer and Kels had their baby!! Love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support. And thank you for your prayers! Keep praying for those missionary opportunities! They will come! Love you!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Clark

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