Monday, September 1, 2014

¡Feliz cumpleaños Jamie!

¡Hola familia!

I hope you are all doing fantastic! I am doing great! And I cannot believe that Jamie is now 11! That just blows my mind. I hope you have a super awesome birthday Jamie girl! And have fun at Disneyland!! Buy a pickle and some cotton candy for me! Maybe even an ice cream if you´re really feeling up to it! :) Well just so you know mom, I am healthy and happy! Healthy as a horse! I blame the water in Bermejo for any time I was a little sick before. Haha love Bermejo, not the water. Our cook is really conscious also of the way she cooks, so that's great! The finding is going really great. We have a lot of really promising investigators, that are progressing a little slowly.... but! This week they are going to progress a ton! It'll be a week of miracles. Our Pday last monday was fun! We made some brownies that were so so so sosossosodfsjeasjdfhe good! They weren't quite like homemade brownies, but I think because I haven't had them in so long my mouth accepted them with mucho gusto. :)

And holy cow, the birthday party looks like it was a blast! I'll definitely be celebrating Jamie's birthday here all day long! The balloon arch looks awesome. Never seen something like that before!! I also loved hearing about what you guys do for dinner in between practices! A little park picnic sounds fun! Yesterday at church was really great too! How interesting because in our third hour we were combined with the priesthood and we talked about the cleaning of the church and how it's for everyone! The justserve sounds really awesome! I love hearing about how the church is progressing.

This week has been really great though. We had some really awesome lessons this week, and we have a new family that we are teaching! And yesterday the family we ate with wanted to feed us some raw fish... good thing it's against mission rules! Whew dodged that bullet. Aaanyway! Everything here is great, and we are working hard in the vineyard of the Lord! Love you all so much!

Love a million billion pinks,
Hermana Clark

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