Monday, October 20, 2014

¡Mi querida familia!

Alright, first off, I loved the song that Jamie wrote for the piano! It's one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard, and she wrote it! I cannot believe it, but I am so proud of her! And good job Jamie for scoring a goal!!!!

But to answer your question, I think we stayed in for election day because no one works, not even the police! So it was just safer I guess to stay inside. We got to leave the house at 6 though and work like normal so that was good! But this week has been an awesome one! Full of miracles! My comp and I were blessed with completing all our goals we had for this week! And all our investigators with baptism dates came to church yesterday! One is a family who lives in our area called Miraflores. It's our area that is a little bit farther away. The members who live out there say that we are the first missionaries that really work in that area. The other ones didn't really visit the area much. But I love love love Miraflores because it reminds me of Bermejo. So we're always out there. Anyway, this family is a referral from the members that live out there. There are only about two active families that live in that area! But this new family is awesome. They are so prepared to hear the gospel, and are progressing so much. The ward is doing good. We are progressing a lot, and we have a goal to have 180 members going to church by the end of the year. we are about 40 people away! I know we can do it! We are working with some less active families, and the members are really starting to help now. It's like the talk from General Conference about the man with palsy! I was reading about that story in Jesus the Christ today, and thinking about our ward here. We are now all working together. Just like in the story, the men had to lower the man together. If someone lowered too fast, the man would fall. And the faith that these men had was just incredible. I love that story and analogy so much.

Our plans for P-day aren't too exciting... I think we'll print some pictures, clean the house. I want to finish updating the Area Book, and write in my journal. My journal is very behind! I'm still writing things from July! Ahhh. haha. And our cook lady is going to make tacos for lunch today, so I'm pretty stoked!! She made pizza a few weeks ago and it was so good! Haha. I hope I don't get transferred! We've been very blessed to have her! And I love this ward, our Bishop, his wife (the woman that cooks for us), and my area!! But I have been studying a lot about accepting the Lord's will, and I am ready for whatever He gives to me this transfer! I hope! :)

You guys are indexing machines! You have already reached in one week what you ended with in two weeks! That's awesome!!!!! Way to go, and keep it up! Stake Conference sounds like it was great! It's true! Now is the time to hasten the work!! Both in our wards, and in the temple. The work is the same!

Well my wonderful family, I love you so much! You are each a huge example to me, and I am so lucky and blessed to call you my family. Keep being amazing, and keep searching for those tender mercies in our lives. We become more grateful, and feel more love for our Heavenly Father and Lord when we do. Have a great week! Love you!

Love you a million billion empanadas!
Hermana Clark

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