Monday, October 27, 2014

Smells like transfers......!

Well, I didn't get transferred! But, my comp did. I was happy not to leave the area though. I love this ward so much. And our bishop is awesome, and his wife is even better. My new comp is named Hermana Carter, and she is from Chile! We had a really good first week together, and we received a lot of miracles. We found so many new people to teach and we had some great lessons this week.

I loved hearing all about your indexing!!! That's awesome how many names you got to index! And congratulations Jamie for taking first in the music part of the Reflections competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's AWESOME! And sounds like the Trunk or Treat was a blast! So glad all the games went well! I loved the pics, everything was so cute! And Jamie's costume is really cute! Can't believe you made that! Haha and Jamie is just on fire. The Reflections program, scoring goals... Pucha, Jamie girl! You rock! That's great that Sister Roberts is the new Relief Society President. I know she'll do a great job! She's awesome, love her and her family. Loved hearing the updates about the Los Alamos Ward! We are blessed with a really awesome ward. :)

Today for P-day, we're getting together with the sisters in my zone, and making pizza! That'll be fun! Today I was studying a talk I have by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that's called, "For Times of Trouble." It's one of my favorite talks, and it just talks about how trouble is a germ of its own. That problems or hard times and trouble don't always come together. He told a story about when Albert Einstein was about 60 years old and his factory started on fire one night, and everything was burned. His son came running, searching for him, thinking that his father would be falling apart and devastated, and Albert spoke first and said, "Find your mother, and tell her to get her friends! They'll never see a fire like this for as long as they live!" Then Albert gathered together his workers and said, "We're rebuilding. We need a crane, and supplies." And almost as an after thought said, "Oh, and does someone know where we can get some money?" It's true, that feeling down for things doesn't come with the problems. We choose the way we will react to situations. We just need to do the best we can, and be sure that we really are doing our very best. "The point is the same with school as with money or marriage or profession or (a mission or) any hope and dream. Prepare. Plan. Work. Sacrifice. Rework. Spend cheerfully on matters of worth. Carry the calm, and wear the assurance of having done the best you could with what you had." Just know you're doing the best you can with what you are given. That's all Heavenly Father expects from us. He knows us, He believes in us. And He is aware of us. He knows what trials we need in order to change to become more like Him. We just need to be sure to take these trials, and use them to help us grow because we can only grow two ways, towards God or towards the adversary. So, who's on the Lord's side, who? ME!:)

I love you all so much. I hope you continue indexing! And have the best week of your life! Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. You are an amazing family, and I love hearing about your experiences, and the way the Lord has blessed your lives during your week. Keep sharing the gospel, and being an example for everyone! Pray that Heavenly Father will put people in your path that you can share the gospel with. Watch how many people He will give you! I love you!

Love you a million billion sour skittles,
Hermana Clark

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