Monday, November 3, 2014


Hope you had a great Halloween! They celebrate something similar here, but they don't really dress up and Trick or Treat. But for the people who have died, they put all their favorite things on a table. They bake and buy a bunch of food, and candles, and their pictures and everything that this person liked and put it on a table. They believe that on this day the spirits of their loved ones come and visit to see if they put out all of their favorite things.. It's an interesting holiday. But they celebrated that yesterday.
So for the past two weeks we haven't had agendas, and can you just imagine how hard that's been! Haha mission problems. No planners to plan my day and I feel lost without it. We just plan on a piece of paper and it just isn't the same. Hopefully our planners come soon. Yesterday I was studying the talk by Tad R. Callister from General Conference, and I just love how he talks about the importance of teaching our children in the home. I feel like my childhood was so blessed because we learned about Christ in the home. Something that he said that I loved is, "Which parent in Book of Mormon times would have let their sons march out to the front of battle without a breast plate and shield  and sword to protect them against the potentially mortal blows of the enemy? But how many of us let our children march out the front door each morning to the most dangerous of all battlefields, to face Satan and his myriad of temptations, without their spiritual breastplate and shield and sword that come from the protective power of prayer? The Lord said,'Pray always, … that you may conquer Satan' (D&C 10:5). As parents, we can help instill within our children the habit and power of morning prayer." We would never send our children to battle without some sort of protection! It is the same in this life. We are in a spiritual battle with the adversary, and we must prepare our children spiritually so that when the winds and rains come, because they will come, they will be spiritually prepared. And so, I am grateful for goodly parents who taught us to value the power of prayer, family and personal scripture study, and church attendance.
Well, our investigators are progressing a lot! One of our investigators, Nelson, is getting baptized on the 15th. He is awesome. We found him while searching for someone else from the area book. He is 25, and has long hair, but the stake is having a "hair drive"? haha I think that's what it would be called. But they are collecting hair to make wigs for children with cancer. So yup, you can bet I'll be cutting my long hair soon! :) Another family that we are teaching is getting baptized on the 29th! Liliana, Melissa, and Valentina. They are awesome, and a referral from a member in the ward. They are progressing a ton, and really loving the gospel! I am so grateful for this work. For the work we do in the mission field, and in the temple. It is a beautiful work, and I am just grateful for this opportunity I have had to share this wonderful gospel. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He guides us in this work. And He changes us. Love you all so much! Have an awesome, fantastic, super, amazing, wonderfully beautiful week!

Love you a million billion Pinks!
Hermana Clark

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