Monday, November 17, 2014

Feliz Lunes! And Happy Birthday Beckham!!!!!

I am doing great! And I loved hearing about your week. Busy busy! I love that service project you all did! That's AWESOME! Well, the test of faith... Nelson wasn't baptized this past Saturday. He chose a new date for the 29th of November. He and Hermana Yorka will be baptized together. And I haven't cut my hair yet... It will be happening sometime in the next two weeks. It's kinda funny because I'll be cutting it to where it was when I left for the mish! It's grown so fast, hope it grows fast again! And Jamie's hair is SO LONG! I couldn't believe that when I saw it in the pic. And when you said you were looking for shoes for Jamie I thought, oh just use some of mine! But now her shoe size is bigger than mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!! Haha what is going on here....

Yorka and Henry are doing good. Poor little Henry got beat up at school the other day. He came home with a little black eye. And when his mom took him back to talk to the boy and his father, the dad was just saying sorry sorry sorry. And Henry said to the boy's dad, "SeƱor, don't worry about it. I forgive you." And then the next day was the little boys birthday, and Henry told his mom he needed to go to the store to buy him something! And Yorka was like... we're not buying that boy anything! And Henry told her that this little boy needed a gift more than anyone. So they went and bought him a present. Hermana Yorka told us that she learned a very important lesson about the pure love of Christ. And I did too! Henry is awesome.

Also, we were walking in the street the other day, and there was a bird sitting under a box, her poor little wing was broken. Someone had put out some food and water for her. Then later that night we were walking to the house, and we saw a dog going crazy. As we got closer, we saw that he was attacking the bird! Without thinking I ran at the dog and he dropped the bird and ran off. Haha and then we were in quite the predicament. My comp donated her cardigan and we wrapped the bird up and carried her home. Good thing we live with nice people.... Haha Hermana Marcy helped us out and we gave her some food, and named her Shell. They thought it was more fun to call her something in English.. :) But she survived the night, and the next day we gave her to a vet. I'm not a bird person, and carrying the bird almost made me faint, haha but she's doing good now!

And something that I was studying in Jesus the Christ talks about "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. One who really prays that this kingdom come will strive to hasten its coming by living according to the law of God. His effort will be to keep himself in harmony with the order of the kingdom, to subject the flesh to the spirit, selfishness to altruism, and to learn to love the things that God loves." I love that. To learn to love the things that God loves. That's the goal. To have these Godly traits engraved in our hearts, and demonstrated in our actions.

That's fun you saw the pic from our mini concert! I don't have that picture! And that's awesome Johnny came down for a visit. I bet that was fun to see him! I can't believe it's Beckham's birthday this week! Ah he's so big! I would love to see some pics from the celebration! I love you all so much. I have to go now, but thank you for your love and prayers! Keep sharing the gospel, and being awesome!

Love you a million billion homemade caramels,
Hermana Clark:)

hermana yorka!

yes, we ate this fish! it was actually really good... haha

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