Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's hear it for the boy!

Welcome to the world Nash Allen Clark! :) And congratulations Jeremy and Kelsey! Loved seeing some of the pics, he's such a cutie! And can't wait to meet him in person!

This week has been a crazy one, and finished with a bang! General Conference was my favorite part of the week for sure. I just can't even stop thinking about it. We got to watch it in English too, and that was really fun! I loved every single talk. They were all inspired, and exactly what I needed! All of the English speakers were in a different room to watch conference in English. And I can't believe there are over 88,000 missionaries! I also loved that some people spoke in their native language! What an awesome thing that was because this is a universal church! We are in all the world, and we have members all over the world. What a great way to show that by having people speak in their native tongue. When the people spoke in Spanish we turned off the English translator and just watched it like that. Haha I was laughing because everyone was so excited to watch it in Spanish without the translator, and I thought, if you're so excited to watch in Spanish we can just go into the other room! Haha but I was excited too and I think it was the thought that if I was at the conference center at that moment, I would understand him. One of my favorite talks was by Chi Hong (Sam) Wong. I loved how he talked about the man with palsy, and how great the faith was of the men that wanted to lower him down through the roof. I loved that he said that those men had to work together to lower him, and how it is the same in our wards. We must work together. It's like what Elder Uchtdorf said in a talk one time, that there were men standing around a grand piano, and one said, "How are we going to lift this?" And the reply was, "Everyone lift where you are." That is what we must do. We must lift where we are! We need to help the people that are around us. Neighbors, friends, family. Lift the hands and hearts that hang down that are around us. I also loved what Jeffery R. Holland said about how WE ARE ALL BEGGARS. We all beg for forgiveness from our loving Heavenly Father. And that the spoil of the needy is in our houses. We must do what we can, and help where we can, and give a generous fast offering because what we do is only one drop in the ocean. But if we did not do what we do, the ocean would be one drop less. I know I'm not quoting it word for word but I can't look up how it really goes. But I loved those talks! I also thought what Tad R. Callister said about prayer was so beautiful. We need to teach our children about the power of prayer, not the routine of prayer. That's awesome! Prayer is so powerful, and I think members of the church need to understand that more. Prayer is everything. Heavenly Father hears us, He knows us, and He answers us because He loves us.

I also thought it was awesome that many spoke about how we need to better appreciate the Sacrament. Isn't that true! I loved having my testimony strengthened this past weekend. This is God's true church. He leads us through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and gives to him the revelation he needs to guide this church. He holds all the priesthood keys that have ever been given on the earth in these last days. Heavenly Father loves us, and we will feel that love if we seek Him.

This week there were some lightning storms, and hail! That was pretty fun. :) We also had the wonderful opportunity to eat cow stomach... NEVER AGAIN PLEASE. It was in a soup, and it was like sponges. Not a fan, not a fan... So now I've eaten cow cheek, stomach, foot, bladder.... what next? whaaat more can they do with the coooow?! Haha. Anyway, I just feel very grateful to be a missionary in this time, and in this place. I love giving all my time to serve our Lord. I love Him. I know that He lives, and He loves us. He knows our name, He is aware of us. The privilege I have had to serve a mission has forever changed me and who I am. I only want to be the person that our Heavenly Father wants me to be. That is my lifetime goal, and I know He will help me achieve it. Thank you my beautiful family for all that you are doing to move this work along. Keep indexing and taking names to the temple. Keep praying, and studying your scriptures. Study them until you feel more faith in Christ. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

Love a million billion candy corn,
Hermana Clark

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