Monday, February 2, 2015

Bienvenidos a Febrero! And Happy Birthday Dad and Grandma Clark!

I cannot believe it. Where did January go? I didn't even feel it. But, this past week was awesome! It's been really hot here and I'm drinking two liters of water everyday! My health is really good, and I'm feeling great! So, this week we got to teach the family that we contacted last week. Turns out they're just as awesome as we thought they were! We taught them earlier in the week and yesterday as well. They are young with two kids. Yesterday we taught them about the Restoration, and they told us they had read the Book of Mormon before! When they were first starting their family living in a different house, they didn't have anything in their house so they would read the Book of Mormon together. A friend from work gave it to them. Can you see how much Heavenly Father is preparing people to hear this message? And can you see what a friend can do to help share the gospel? As we taught them, they had so many questions, and as we answered their questions they told us that it made so much sense! And it does. I love this gospel. We are also visiting someone named Mario. He has about 60 or 70 years, and he's the funniest man you'll ever meet. He is someone that the missionaries before us were teaching and because of some problems he wasn't progressing. We have been teaching him and he is now reading his scriptures, and praying! He also comes to church every Sunday! A few lessons ago we invited him again to baptism, and he accepted. We are also teaching a recent convert's mom named Ema. She also accepted a baptism date! But she chose one in March because it's a special day in their family. But it's okay because she's progressing towards that date. I feel so grateful to be here in Bolivia and to be here in the Primero de Mayo ward. I love these members and the bishop. It's amazing because when you're in another ward you think about leaving and you can't imagine it. And then you get transferred and you love the new ward just as much! I feel like I have been so blessed throughout my mission with great leaders in every ward I have been in.

Well, to answer some of your questions... :) Last pday we just did the usual! Cleaned the house, I washed my clothes, and wrote in my journal! And then we had another leadership conference! And we talked a lot about helping people become really converted to the gospel. And how we too have to really be converted to the gospel!

That's too bad about Jamie's soccer game! She's still awesome even if they didn't win. Mm and Chipotle sounds good! That sounds fun you got to watch 17 Miracles! We can't watch that in our mission, bummer I know. But I do love that movie! I always just feel so much gratitude for all that the pioneers did. They were so tough, I don't know how they did it.

But everything here is wonderful! I love the mission more and more everyday. It has changed me. Changed who I am, the way I think, the way I act, and for that I am truly grateful. I love this wonderful gospel and I am so grateful to be a member of this church! I love you all so much! Keep looking for ways to share the gospel!

Love a million billion red skittles,
Hermana Clark

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