Monday, February 9, 2015

Hola mi familia!

Sorry about last weeks internet connection. I got all the emails you sent the day before, but nothing was coming through when I tried talking to you on Monday. I'm sorry to hear about the Hoyt's grandma passing away. She was such a sweet lady, I love that family. Send them my love! And I was so excited to hear about Gabby Nolan getting baptized, and Cayzia waiting for her call! That's awesome!! Heavenly Father is so amazing, He really is preparing everyone to hear about this wonderful gospel. This week we saw so many miracles. There is a less active sister here who didn't want the missionaries to come visit her. We tried about a week ago to visit her, and after the lesson she asked us, "So, when can you come back? Do I have to sign up somewhere in the church?" Haha and we were like... No! What day, what time, where? We're there! So we visited her last week and she came to church on Sunday! Then later that day we went to visit her and her husband wanted to listen to us too! They are both really great people, and after the lesson she thanked us for what we had taught because it was exactly what she needed to hear. I just feel grateful to have the Spirit in my life to guide me. I can feel His help and guidance everyday and I love it. I am so grateful for this wonderful gospel. Heavenly Father really did think of everything! We also went to visit the familia de oro yesterday. They were excited to receive us and they had lots of questions which was good! The member that came with us taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon and why it has blessed her life. I was so grateful she was there with us. So, the members ARE important in the lessons! So ask the missionaries when you can go visiting with them. :) Sounds like Dad's birthday was really fun! I'm glad you got to go to Disneyland! And it also sounds like you have some great missionaries in your ward! That's great!

Our other investigatores are doing really well. Mario came to church again yesterday. He was the first one in the building again. He even beats the Bishop! I love this ward though, and this area. I have an awesome Bishop with lots of great goals for the ward. This week I felt like the adversary was attacking everyone from every direction, even from some of the emails I got today! But then I have seen these wonderful miracles, and I know that Heavenly Father is fighting even stronger. Lots of investigatores and less actives are having lots of challenges, starting with just this week! But to see them in church on Sunday anyway was just amazing. There isn't a better feeling than seeing a less active worthily take the sacrament again. This work is beautiful, and wonderful, and it's a privilege that I have to be here! I love my mission, and I love this time I have to dedicate all of my time to the Lord. I love this Church and I love wearing the name of Christ on my name tag everyday. I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderfully awesome week! Keep sharing the gospel. Take every chance you have to talk about Christ, His Church, and how it has blessed your family. And keep seeing those miracles!

Love you a million bowls of mint chip Rite Aid ice-cream:)
Herman Clark

p.s. next week is Carnaval so that means I won't be writing until two weeks from now! We'll be in the house for three days, but we'll get to leave to go to church. Lots of study time! Love you!

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