Thursday, October 10, 2013

Farewell Sister Clark!

Sister Clark gave her farewell talk a few Sundays ago on September 22, and was set apart as a missionary last night! Yesterday Sister Clark left for the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. Her visa is not in yet, but should be here in about two weeks so she is headed to Provo before heading off to Colombia! She couldn't be more excited, and couldn't express enough how much it meant to her to have everyone at her farewell!

"See you in 18 months everybody!!"

Julie and her little sister Jamie!

Julie with her parents!

Her brother Jeremy and her sister-in-law Kelsey!

Her sweet Grandma Betty!

Her oldest brother, Johnny!

Julie's sister Jenae, brother-in-law Mike, and their two kids Audrey and Wesley!

Her Aunt Chris and Uncle Grant!

Her second family, the Hoyts!

Her friends Rachel and Marissa!

Her friends Janelle, Kiera, Nicole, Ali, and Joe!

Her little niece Audrey!

She was sad to miss taking pictures with some people, but she loves them all the same! Thanks for supporting our missionary!

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