Monday, October 21, 2013


Hola!!!!! I can't believe our visas came! It was crazy! They announced it over the loud speaker, like will district 11 please come to the travel office. And we all just started cheering! All of my district, minus two sisters who are going to Mexico MTC, are traveling to Colombia together Tuesday morning at 3:35 am! I'm excited we're all traveling together because honestly we have the best district. I think this past week has been the best week of my life. And it has just flown by!

Okay, first off, our Tuesday Devotional... guess who came to speak to us.. Elder Dallin H. Oaks! And his wife! Coolest thing ever! I mean come on. One of my very favorite apostles came to speak to us!  He spoke about our missionary purpose, and what we are here to do. Some of my favorite parts were when Sister Oaks said, "It is our turn, it is our time. Keep your promises to find those you promised to teach before you came to earth." WOW. I love this one! Holy cow. And then Elder Oaks said, "The fact that everyone on this earth is here, is testimony that they fought for Christ. They need our help now." And then after the devotional we had a zone discussion about it and one of the hermanas said, "When we were in the pre existence we all talked about coming to earth, and we rejoiced knowing we would have the gospel in our lives, but then some of our brothers and sisters were told they would not be born into the gospel and they were so sad they wouldn't have it in their lives. But we turned to them and promised them we would find them and bring them the gospel." Gives me chills every time I read it!! Ah I just love it. I am so happy to be on a mission! I just want to share this gospel with everyone who will listen! And it breaks my heart when people reject it. With our investigator this week he said he didn't want to get baptized because there were just too many rules. And it broke my heart because I didn't know how to tell him in Spanish how truly amazing this gospel is! I just left the lesson and cried because I want so badly to be able to express myself in Spanish to our investigator, but I'm not quite there yet. But that's okay. Hopefully soon! And then our investigator, Luis, became our teacher! I am so glad because I love Luis, well Brother Lee. He is such a great guy, and has so much to teach us! I wish he was coming with us to Colombia. My other teacher is Brother Stevenson, and he's awesome too. He's a funny guy.

Also I was in the choir for the devotional, and we sang Praise to the Man. It was so amazing, and the director told us stories of Joseph Smith, and it just made us sing the song with more meaning. The spirit was so strong. Even if I never learn Spanish, the people of Bolivia will know this church is true because they will feel my love for it!

Another way we study the language here is going on this computer program called TALL. It's been helping me a lot! And we get to go on and listen to music so it's the best. Haha. My favorite stuff is the EFY 2013 CD. Everyone go look it up! Like Good Friends, and Mountains to Climb, and It's a Good Start. My whole district is obsessed with these songs. I love my district. My whole zone sits at one table at mealtime, and we take up the entire table and the tables are really long. The food has gotten better, well my body has gotten used to it. We have so many sisters in our zone! Mostly from our district! 8 sisters in our district and only 4 elders! So crazy. And every night after class we have a district devotional and that's just something we started doing, no one told us to do it. But our district leader, Elder Evenson, chooses one person to teach and they just teach on whatever they feel they should, and seriously it has been amazing. So great. I love it here, and although I'm excited for Colombia I am sad to leave Provo! But stoked most of the district will be there.

So to answer some questions, on P-days we get to the temple. This morning we did a session, and then my comp and I came back and printed off emails, and read them in our rooms so it didn't take up email time. And then we do laundry, email, get stuff from the bookstore here at the MTC, eat, and then we have class from 5:30-8:30, and then we plan for Saturday, and study scriptures, and go to bed. You can also nap somewhere in there! On Sundays we have Sacrament at 7:30. And for the talks President Tyler just randomly chooses two people to speak so you have to prepare a talk for every Sunday because the themes change! And of course it has to be in Spanish, haha so I just pray I won't be picked for a while.... and then breakfast at 8:30, and then relief society at 9, and then lunch later, and then study time from 2-6. We also go on a temple walk as a zone, and we took pictures and walked around. Choir is at 4. There is also time in between there when you're allowed to take naps. Yay! haha. And then dinner, and then Sunday Devotional. Last week we watched a MTC Christmas devo and Elder Bednar spoke. It was the best talk I've ever heard! He pretty much told us to stop worrying about yourself because you're not here for yourself. No one is here for selfish reasons. We are all here to do the Lord's work so just get over yourself and serve! It was perfect.

And I sent that picture from my comps camera! She has one of those cameras too. Pretty darn cool! I hear Elder Robison's mom sometimes sends the pics around that he sends home. So that's good! And I haven't seen JR anywhere!! I have no idea where he is. I thought I would have seen him by now because he teaches Spanish but no! And I haven't seen anyone else I know.. Actually Elder Brewer, and Sister Carter left the MTC I believe so I have to represent Murrieta! And one of the hermanas in my district was living in Temecula before she came, but only for about two months. She's one of the hermanas going to the Mexico MTC. I'm really sad those two hermanas aren't coming with us because I just love them! AND they're so good at espanol and so helpful. Oh whell. I hope Ivy's costume turns out!!! I definitely want pictures! Of everything!! Send me some family pictures please!!! Even like the group ones we took a while ago because I forgot to bring some! So yes please send pictures. I miss you all.

I love you guys!! Have a wonderful week! Next time I talk to you I'll be in Colombia!! Ahh! :)

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