Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Mission Call!

On May 28, 2013 I was assigned my mission call to the Bolivia, Santa Cruz Mission! I am so excited to serve the Lord, and the people of Bolivia for the next 18 months! After receiving my mission call, I started working in the San Diego Temple. The people I worked with, and the lessons I learned there have helped strengthen my testimony in the gospel. I love the temple! And I am so glad I had a few months to work there! I cannot wait to share my testimony with the Bolivian people!! 

Opening my call!
Just peeked at where I had been called.....!

Bolivia, Santa Cruz Mission! The best mission in the whole world! :)

With part of the family after receiving my endowments at the San Diego Temple :)

P.S. My mom is going to be updating my blog after I leave! Thanks mom! You're the best!

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