Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy P-day

I'm so glad we got to email again so soon as well!! I've been looking forward to it since we stopped emailing on Friday! We actually have done a lot since we last talked! So on Saturday we got to go proselyting, is that how it’s spelled? haha, and it was so awesome! So when we started out we weren't having a lot of success... in fact we weren't having any! No one really had time to talk to us! It was hard. But we prayed that we would be guided to someone who needed to hear our message. Then we started talking with people. Some guys wanted to take pictures with us, and we started telling them about the Book of Mormon instead. Haha they ended up being really nice and they said they wanted a picture with Mormon missionaries to remember Colombia. So we said si but said no touch! haha We were determined to not get hugged or kissed that day. We did a good job at that. Then when we were leaving we saw these two men sitting on a bench and we were running late for meeting up with our group but we were like... we should just talk with them. So we walked up and started chatting and this one man was just amazing! His name is Luis, and he said he was in the military, but he has been searching for a church. He said that he has been to 15 different churches and he said he would go to church on Sunday! How amazing is that? And then we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was looking through it, and just kept saying, wow this is beautiful. And then we showed him a few of our favorite verses, and he said wow what a beautiful book. Ah! And then his friend was sitting next to him, but his friend wasn't really listening to our message, he just kept telling us we were beautiful and asking for our number so we gave him the number to the church. hahaha and then he kept saying so beautiful, so beautiful, and we would say no intiendo. haha we don't understand. It was interesting to see the difference between the two. One who just cared about our message, and one who just cared about us.

Today was such a fun pday as well! We got to go to this mountain today! It was an hour drive, and we got to go into this cathedral and it was all underground. You wouldn't like it mom! But yeah it was crazy. Like it's a monk monastery..however that’s spelled. And huge crosses were carved out of the walls EVERYWHERE. And then there would be this huge cross and then this huge, huge tunnel room thing and in one there were these mounds on the ground and I'm pretty sure they were bodies... And then there was a thing with all these hardhats and it was all the hardhats of the people who had died working down there! And all the workers had hardhats on. It was really cool though! And they had this monk music playing making it a little eerie, but really awesome, too. Like these people had built this ginormous church all underground!!! Like whaat?? I'll send some pics if I have time! And today it rained all day. The rain here just picks up like crazy and then just stops and the sun comes out!

No one got sick this week, so I'm not sure where you heard that.. I'm not sure why the pdays got switched, but next week I think it will be Friday.. maybe Tuesday or Wednesday... but probably Friday. And tonight Americans come! So that's exciting! And more Latinos come tomorrow! Right now we have about 20 missionaries, and tomorrow we will get Latino comps! Yay! Pray she is patient and loves to help me learn Spanish!!!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your support and prayers and emails! I love hearing from you! Have a wonderful week!!!!!

With love from Colombia!
Hermana Clark

View from the plane to Columbia!!!!!! So beautiful!
Hermana Ellison, Hermana Zapata and me!

Me and Columbia!

The dogs are EVERYWHERE!!!

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