Monday, November 25, 2013


The second we flew in it felt like home! The city of Santa Cruz... I don't even know how to discribe it. It's wonderful though. We went to Pres. and Hermana Willard's house and wrote ourselves letters that we get back after the mission, so that was cool.. They are amazing people. I love them a lot! My companion couldn't get a flight in to Santa Cruz so Hermana Willard was my comp for the day, but everyone met their comps at the church and chatted with them and Hermana Willard told me about mine. We stayed in a hotel the night we flew in and the night after. It was fun because you could see all of Santa Cruz! So now I am in an area right on the border of Argentina! I had to take an hour plane ride, and then a three hour car ride to get here! It's called Bermeja, and it is hotter than hot here. Like holy cow I didn't know I could sweat so much. I'm surprised I don't have mold growing on me because I'm wet all the time! Haha it's awesome... The people here though are seriously the greatest! The ward is wonderful, and my companion is one of the best people I've ever met. She is so good with the people and I just love her. I'm glad she is my trainer! She goes home in February and she keeps saying I'm going to be her comp that will kill her off.. So we'll probably be together for a long time since she goes home in Feb. But that's okay because we get along really well.

You should mapquest where I am so you can see more pictures. I've never been bit by a mosquito before until now so that's been a joy.. oh! also the other night we were outside teaching a lesson and suddenly a bug bit me. I didn't think much of it since it happens a lot. But then my foot started to go numb! And swell up!! And next thing I knew I couldnt walk on it! So we hobbled 30 minutes home, and I propped it up when I went to sleep and in the morning it was totally fine, but then by the night it was swollen and throbbed all over again. It's good again today so hopefully it stays that way. It also has a red ring around the bite.. I'd ask you to google it mom, but I think google will make it sound worse than it is. The internet and computer I was on was really slow, I'm on a different one now, but now I'm out of time. Sorry this isn't very long! But the people here are awesome, and they all just don't have much of anything. I was telling Jamie that even the poorest places in the US, there are worse places here. But the people are happy, and the kids are the cutest! I'm learning spanish a lot faster with my new comp! She is from Peru, her name is Hermana Guerra. She loves these people so much, and they love her, I'm so blessed to be with her. So pdays are Mondays now!

It was the best talking to you at the airport!!!! I love you all so much! I read through all your letters today and I just love you!

I love you!! Have another wonderful week!!!

Love from the heat of Bermeja, Bolivia!
Hermana Clark

President and Sister Willard

Santa Cruz

Meeting my comp

Helping our investigator move rocks

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