Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy late birthday to Beck and Wes!

 Hola from Bermeja!

MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGES!!!!! I can't wait to open them! And decorate the tree today!! All of them had been opened, but I think it's all there.. The wrapping had been poked to see what was inside as well, but I won't peak. Thanks so much though, it will make Christmas so exciting!!

Sounds like you guys are having a really awesome Thanksgiving Break!!! They of course don't celebrate it here, but I live with another North American sister, and told her it was Thanksgiving, and she said "oh...really??" haha and that was the extent of our celebration. But every prayer I said that day was just all what I am thankful for.

Do you remember what was said during my setting apart blessing? Also, did you get the bank card figured out? They give us a card to use here, and it's bank of america as well. Also, do you think you could find some scripture cases for me? Some with a zipper and I don't know colorful.. Just whatever you like!

Funny story! So on Sunday we were walking to church, and some of our investigators rode by on their motorcycle. Everyone drives motorcycles here, and they try to fit as many people as they can on them. But this is the most I've seen. So this family had a child in the front, then the dad driving, child behind him, the mom, and then a child strapped to her back! So insane! I wish I had a picture! But we have two families getting baptized in the next few weeks! I'm so excited for them!! And one family is getting married in the next couple weeks to prepare for their baptism.

We get to skype on Christmas so prep the computer!!!!!!! Haha I'm so excited to skype you guys!!

I have bug bites ALL OVER! So it happens while I am sleeping because I wake up with them.... It's crazy.. But I am doing well, and enjoying the people in Bermeja. I'm not sure why anyone would settle here because it's so stinking hot.. But people did! Haha lots of people here!

All last week we had crazy rain storms! Its rained everyday, and it felt awesome!! And I actually had to go to the bathroom! When it's hot here I drink a lot of water all day, but never need the bathroom because you just sweat so much. Haha so it was weird needing the bathroom last week..

Oh ps my foot is better! I guess it was an ant bite? But it's not swollen anymore, just tender. Tell Grandma Clark and Grandma Betty hi!!! That's so fun they were both there for thanksgiving, and Jer and Kels!! How fun!!!

Oh my goodness so when the members feed us they feed us so much meat it is out of control. Honestly it's like 6 servings of meat. They start out with a soup which has a hunk of meat. Even though it's hot out they like to eat soup. Haha And then they bring out a plate with some sort of meat, and then they give you another, and then some chicken, and then some ribs, and then potatoes, and "salad" which is actually just onions and tomatos. It's insane! Haha so much foooood! But we don't eat all day other than just that meal. We eat some crackers sometimes but I'm not ever hungry for food. That one meal just does it for ya.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so much! Thanks for all the emails, love, prayers, and support! I need it all!!

Love from the depths of burning hot Bermeja,
Hermana Clark :)

Toad bugs
Toad bugs are huge!

A Rodeo!!!!
Birthday party for a sister in the ward

Me and my comp!

Christmas packages!

Ovens where they cook bread

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