Monday, December 9, 2013

Hola familia!

Hola familia!

My bug bites are good.. now my other foot is swollen! Haha it's quite the look I've got going... Not only am I the whitest person these people have ever seen, but my foot is rather large. But my comp and I still get whistled at so I guess they don't care.

We have a family getting baptized next week, and getting married this week! I'm so excited for them! One of the sisters I live with has been sick all week with bronchitis, however that's spelled, so we did splits a couple times and I stayed home and studied, so that was fun!

Lots of storms this week too! It will be blazing hot one minute, and then all of a sudden a sand storm will come and start raining! It's been a good relief from the heat.

This week has been tough because of the language, but I have prayed more than ever and I feel it strengthen me. I have faith in Heavenly Father, and I know He has faith in me. He wants me to succeed! He just needs me to grow into the missionary He needs me to be first. I've been teaching a lot more. I'm able to share more. And I understand almost everything that's being said, I just don't know the words to respond back yet..

My comp and I set up the Christmas tree, it looks great! Thanks mom!! I'm doing well here, and I love serving these people. I can't wait until I can speak more so I can really feel like I'm helping these people. But I love them! And I pray for them all the time! I pray for you guys too all the time! I hope you are all doing well!

I love you!!!
Hermana Clark
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