Monday, December 23, 2013

Bermejo is good and hot again!

Wow! Tell the ward thank you for the Christmas card! What an awesome surprise that was!! I feel so much love and support! And thank you mom for sending me a letter! It was a great week with the mail!

Whew! It has been a really great week, full of work and great miracles! We had two baptisms this past weekend. It was for the Noche Blanca, where the whole zone worked towards that night. We were all preparing people for baptism that night so there was a huge group!

Last pday, and the one before we went to this wally ball court. That was really fun! We also played pool and I whooped the elders. Then we went to a bridge that goes over the river. On the other side of the river is Argentina! So half the bridge is in Bolivia colors and the other half in Argentina colors! That was really cool!

Funny story! Last week my comp and I were walking through the city, and one of the ward members dogs was running around (everyone's dogs just run free here), and he recognized us! We had been to his house earlier that week.. He followed us all over the city that morning! He is this humongous great dane. So huge! We would go into shops and he would come too, and the store owner tried to get him out but he wouldn't leave without us! And then they asked if he was mine! Of course I said no, because he's not! But it was so fun having him as a buddy that morning!

The other day I cut five kids hair! There is a family that was just baptized and they have six kids! Five boys and one girl, and one on the way! They didn't have enough money to have all the boys get haircuts, so I cut their hair! Haha I'm not sure what Kelsey would think of my work... but they turned out pretty well. The elders were cutting the little girls hair and it looked reaaally awful. I tried to fix it but... haha It still is a little meh.. but she wanted it buzzed so it wasn't a big deal. Some girls here buzz their heads and I'm not sure why... I think it's because it's so hot! Anyway, that was so fun practicing cutting hair because these kids didn't care! But they were all pretty sad to have their hair cut.. It was all long, and some had rat tails! Haha gross.

Here in Bermejo, there is a Christ statue on the hill, like in Brazil! It's not as big though, but I really want to hike up to it soon!  Sorry I don't always answer all your question! Keep asking them and I'll eventually answer them I'm sure!!

We have family night with the families here, and it just made me so grateful that you were always so faithful with our family nights. It has strengthened my testimony.

Yesterday the branch did a service project, and we built a house for a lady in the ward, and a bathroom! She didn't have anything.. It was really wonderful working with the branch for the service project. I got a lot of bug bites, but he branch is really awesome! I love my branch here! I'm really loving devoting this time to serving the Lord. It's true, when you're homesick, you need to stop focusing on yourself, and start focusing on your investigators and the people. Work towards helping them, and all homesickness goes away. It's really amazing. I love this gospel! I know it is true!

I love you all so very very much! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!
Love, Hermana Clark

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