Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hola familia!

Wow, it is hard to believe another week is gone. I cannot get my head around how fast the time is going. I need it to slow down just a little bit. The days are slipping by and I'm not fluent yet! I know it'll come soon though! Patience! This week has been a bit of a crazy one! Lots of changes with the missionaries! I'm not sure the word in english... haha. But last week late in the night we got a call from the zone leader saying that Hna Wolf, the other North American in the apartment, was being transfered to Santa Cruz. Oh the word in english is Transfers! Haha. Okay, but it was strange because she had just gotten a new comp who has only been out for about a week! And she was training her, so it was strange she was leaving! So she left the next morning at 7 in the morning. Hna Solano, the new missionary, is from Peru, and she joined up with me and my comp and we were a trio. She is really awesome, and I thought I had it all figured out. I thought that when Hna Guerra, my comp, goes home in a few weeks I would be with Hna Solano. So I thought, well this trio thing is good because she's learning the investigators now and I won't have to introduce them to her alone later. Anyway, late last night we got another call.. we really need to just stop answering the phone, but the zone leaders said that Hna Solano was being transfered to Tarija! She was only in Bermejo for a week and a half! I really like Hna Solano, and I hope I get the chance to be her comp again. It has been a bit crazy. Also we moved all of our furniture around. Like all the beds are in one room now, all three because we have to sleep in the same room, and all the closet things are in another room and all our desks in another! And now we have to move them all back! Haha. Fun stuff.

I am convinced we have the best investigators here. We have been really blessed with some really amazing families to teach. The family Correa is getting married in a couple weeks, and the wife is getting baptized soon too! Hopefully the husband will be able to soon as well. I feel really fortunate to be visiting these families. And I feel humbled that Heavenly Father has entrusted us with this great work of teaching them. I just am so happy to be on a mission! I want to work harder to please Heavenly Father. I love this gospel so much. It has blessed my life in every way, and now I want it to bless others as well.

The other day we were walking and Hna Guerra said, "look! it's hermano Rosario!" (Rosario Correa) So Hna Guerra waved, and we ran over and then we popped our heads around to peak in the car and this man was just staring at us so confused. It wasn't Hno Rosario! Haha I just started laughing so hard and we apologized. But his face, it was so funny I laughed so hard all the way to our next apointment. I had to stop walking for a bit I was laughing so hard. And then as we were walking there was a lot of mud from the rain, and Hna Guerra leaped to try to make it from the street to the sidewalk and got stuck in the mud. And then she was fake crying and shouting for my help and after I pulled her out we looked up, and this huge group of people were just sitting there staring at us. Haha. Also, when we wash our clothes we always hear this voice shouting "mom! mom! mom!" Well we figured out it's a parrot! He just sits there shouting that all the time! And every morning a man shouts from below what sounds like "Jeanna!" and then the lady that lives below throws down some keys. Every morning! There has been a lot of rain here too! Every few days it rains! So that's been a wonderful blessing! But the other day it was raining really hard, and we were leaving lunch and as we were walking I noticed so many people were outside with brooms sweeping the streets and sidewalks! Everyone comes outside and cleans the streets when it rains! It was kind of funny to watch because it's pouring and then people are sweeping the streets with a broom! I wanted a picture but didn't have my camera.

It's been another wonderful week in Bermejo! I love Bermejo and I love the members here! I loved hearing their temple stories this week as well! They got back on Saturday, and they are all so excited about the temple I just love it!! I'm so grateful for the temple. I'm so grateful for this gospel. I love this church and I know it is the only true church! It is so perfect!

Thank you for your love and support! I love you!!

Hermana Clark

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