Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Jason and Grandma Clark!

Hola my wonderful family!

Another really amazing week here in Bermejo! Thanks Grandma Clark for the Christmas card! That was a fun surprise! :)

I realized this week that the Lord is teaching me to recognize miracles. There are miracles everyday, all around us. We just need to recognize them. Before my mission I remember thinking of things and thinking, wow this is a blessing. But things aren't just blessings, they're miracles! Like the fact that the familia Oropeza and Ventura got married this past week! That's not a blessing, it's a miracle! Honestly, Heavenly Father wants this work to move along. When we have faith anything is possible. I have a strong testimony of that now. The conference in Tarija was really good! Presidente and Hermana Willard are really amazing! Everything was in Spanish, but their Spanish is really easy to understand! My Spanish is better than it was last week too! I'm so grateful for that! I understand even more now. And I can talk with people, not just in the lessons, but just about things in life! The gift of tongues is real. That is the only way I'm able to speak this language. Only because Heavenly Father is allowing me to. It was wonderful seeing the other missionaries. Lots of North Americans, and it gave me hope that I will eventually learn to speak Spanish really well! We're driving into Tarija again today! I will be there until tomorrow night because my comp has a leaders conference in Santa Cruz. So she'll fly out of Tarija and I'll stay there with some other Hermanas.

The baptisms on Saturday went great! I am so grateful for the opportunity to know these wonderful families! Hermana Ventura is honestly so amazing. She has been prepared all her life to receive this gospel. She just wants to learn more and more, and she's so attentive in lessons, and at church and I just love it! She was so excited for her baptism. She is an example to everyone! The Oropeza family is great too! They met with the missionaries a lot about four years ago, and then didn't want to anymore. And then we received them as a reference and began teaching them again, and now look! New members of the church! The Ventura family, we met them as they were walking in the street. We passed by them and said good afternoon, and just started chatting with them. It's so amazing how Heavenly Father puts people in our path. I am grateful to be a part of this great work.

We had lunch yesterday with the Vargus family. Hermano Vargus is the funny old man that was on top of the hill last week. He just always wants to hear me speak Spanish. So I told him all about my family! And it's been cold here the past few days! Love it. But the cold also brings huge bugs inside which I do not love.. There are these butterflies and they are about the size of my hand.... They're really big. And there was 8 of them in the house yesterday! Ah! Haha And they started flying around, and well you can just imagine how well that went. My comp is brave and killed most of them.. It was kinda sad because they're so beautiful, but we weren't really sure what else to do... We left our balcony doors open like always, and that was the problem... we can't do that when it's cold anymore.

Also, there is this supermarket we like to go to, and they were laying new cement but they didn't mark the sidewalk so we didn't notice! And I walked into the new cement! So now my footprints are outside of the store. It looks funny because you can see my feet walking and then turning around in a circle to get out of the cement. I just wanted to leave my mark in Bermejo! :)

This week has been really wonderful! I have loved being a missionary more this week than ever. I'm so happy to be here giving all of my time to the Lord. What a wonderful church we are a part of. What a wonderful work we have to do! I hope everything goes well with the neighbor and the missionaries! Even if she doesn't accept the gospel yet, you're planting a seed! It's like the Oropeza family! The missionaries I'm sure were sad when the family didn't want to meet with them anymore, but really they prepared them more for when my comp and I came along. And now they're baptized! I wish I could find the first missionaries that taught them to let them know the great news! Anyway fam, keep planting seeds, and Heavenly Father will bless us with miracles. I love you so very very much!!!!

Love from Bermejo,
Hermana Clark

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