Monday, January 20, 2014

Mi familia!

Hi! I shouldn't be surprised, but I am! I cannot believe another week has passed! So many miracles this week! Bermejo de los Milagros! Seriously! It is amazing to see Heavenly Father at work! Many many obstacles this past week with the baptisms, but many miracles as well. One of the families won't be getting baptized this week, but two more than we thought, are getting married and baptized this week! The Oropeza family, and the Ventura family. Satan is working so hard to stop this work. That's why all the caca is hitting the fan this week... he's almost working half as hard as we are! Good thing we're on the right team and have heavenly help on our side!

I can't believe Lizz gets home this week!! That's insane! Tell her I say hi and to email me! :) I started teaching English here by the way! Haha the new teacher in Bermejo! It's been a good way to meet new investigators. I teach with a North American Elder. He is from Utah. We taught them how to pray in English last week! Something even cooler though, is I was able to tell when the spirit taught me Spanish. I keep hearing this phrase that people say, and I looked up the words and the phrase just didn't make sense in English. Then one day while we were walking the answer just popped into my head. It was so clear, and the phrase makes so much more sense now! That's happened a few times! I love it!

I also have a testimony of the importance for members to work with the missionaries, and to be missionaries themselves. One family that was baptized a few months ago had the opportunity to go to the temple with the members a couple of weeks ago, and their family has grown and changed a lot. There is a boy about 14 in the family, and he has changed the most. He is excited about the gospel, and sharing it! He introduced us to one of his neighbors last night and really was just so excited to talk about the gospel with him. So we have a new investigator and his name is Never! I told his what his name is in Spanish... haha But he's a really good person, I'm excited to teach him. It's so important for members to work with the missionaries! It strengthens their testimonies! There are some really awesome members here who really help strengthen our investigators. One is neighbors with the Ventura family, and the Hermano is always at their house helping them. He's this old guy and he's so funny. We came walking up to their house yesterday and he was sitting up on top of this huge mound of dirt just instructing Hermano Ventura on how to build his fence. haha A real character.

We get to go to Tarija for a conference with President and Sister Willard on Wednesday! I'm excited to see them and the other missionaries! So that'll be fun!

I love you all so very much! Thanks for your love and support!

Love from Bermejo de los Milagros,
Hermana Clark

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