Monday, January 6, 2014

Well hello my favorite family! Buenas Días!

Another really wonderful week in the mission. I am doing really great today! I would like you to know that on new years eve I went out on the balcony and banged pots and pans together! Haha people in Bolivia don't do that here... and the Hermanas in the apartment thought it was odd too... I guess everyone does something different for New Years! My comp says she eats 12 grapes at midnight, and they all buy yellow underwear and wear it for good luck... haha so I'm not sure why she thought the banging of the pots and pans was weird..

President Willard and his wife came and visited Bermejo this week so it was really fun seeing them! They came because the members plan a temple trip every year and the ones going all the way through the temple have to be interviewed by him. So most of the members are gone to Cochabamba this week! We said bye to them yesterday, and that was actually kind of sad because I just wanted to go with them! I miss the temple a lot. And I honestly think about my time working there probably everyday.

So a few weeks ago my comp and I were walking down the long hallway in our apartment complex, and all the way we were singing called to serve. In Spanish it's more like, "ready, always ready." So we were singing this happily down the hall and then we walked outside and across the street and then we looked off into the distance and there was this huge cloud of brown heading towards us.... And then it hits us! And it's a sand and wind and water storm!!! And it hurt! Haha so my comp and I held each other for a while, and then we went running back inside! We were covered in mud and dirt and water. And then it just started pouring. It was just so funny though because we were singing called to serve, or ready always ready, and then we went running back inside!

Also this week we ran out of water! So we didn't have water in the apartment for a few days! We went to a members house and borrowed buckets, and then we went to another members house and filled them with water and then we all carried them down the street, and up three flights of stairs! So showering with those has been interesting. And filling the toilet, and things. But we have water now so that's good!

We have had so many new investigators this week! Lots of families!! They are all really excited about the gospel but none of them are married and none of them want to get married! So we have some work to do! We had 13 investigators at church yesterday! But I believe in miracles! Anyway, I'm out of time! But I love you all!!!

Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Clark

The Christmas call...

Doing some service

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