Monday, March 23, 2015

Hola! Happy Birthday Kelsey!!

Well, what a week! It was kinda crazy, but it ended well. Emma had a lot of things happen to her this week, and I knew that the adversary was working hard so she wouldn´t be baptized. It even came to her husband changing his mind and not supporting her decision to be baptized. Here, if a spouse is getting baptized and the other is not a member, they have to sign a consent form. And he told her he would not sign it. She came to us so heartbroken, and we had to tell her that without that signature she couldn't be baptized. That night she had her interview, and afterwards we kneeled down and prayed asking that the Lord could soften her husband´s heart. We hugged and she went home to talk to her husband. The next morning we called and she said that he still wouldn´t sign it. Later that day the same news came. But the whole time Hna Emma was so positive. She told us, Don´t worry, i know he´ll soften his heart and sign it. So we kept planning for the baptism. Finally Friday morning she calls us in tears saying that he signed the paper. She shared with us that she shared her testimony with her husband, and that´s when he softened his heart. I´ve never seen anyone work so hard to be baptized and make this covenant with our Heavenly Father. It truly was a miracle and it was beautiful to watch her husband´s heart change. On Saturday, her son Jonathan baptized her. He is a recent convert as well, and he was so happy to baptize her. He shared his testimony a few Sundays back that he always prays that his mom would be baptized, and how excited he was that she would be getting baptized soon. And to have the chance to see him baptize his mom, I can´t quite explain the joy I felt. It was something so beautiful and without words to explain. Emma says with the same surety as when she said her husband would sign her paper, that one day her husband will have his own desire to be baptized and make covenants with the Lord. I love the faith of Hna Emma. What an example she is to me. She has blessed my life and taught me so much.

I was studying a talk from the Liahona called When Doubts and Questions Arise. I love this talk. It talks about how questions are necessary for our spiritual growth, and searching for answers in the Lord´s way is what we need to do. We should doubt our doubts before we should doubt our faith. Last night a less active told us that she had doubts about the commandments, and doesn´t want to keep them anymore. She said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, but she doesn´t know if these commandments are true. We shared with her that she needs to search the scriptures and ask the Lord in prayer. After inviting her to actually live the commandments to see if they are true, she said it was too hard for her but that she would try, even though she was afraid she would fail. Sometimes as members we feel like a lot is expected of us, and there is. But Heavenly Father also knows that we aren´t perfect, and that is why He provided a Savior. And I am so grateful that He did. I can´t think of a greater love than that. I love our Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. And I love His gospel, and I know that it´s true. I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week, full of miracles and missionary experiences!!!

Love you to Bolivia and back,
Hermana Clark

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