Monday, May 26, 2014

We're grateful for the torta that nobody aaaate!

Hi fambam! It is sadly not a holiday here, but I think you said it right mom! Google was always! But tomorrow is dia de los madres! A bit strange that they're just having it tomorrow, but that's okay!

Well I loved this past week working along side the Lord with Hermana Crandall. The end of the week we really worked on contacting people in the street because we always ask for references and no one ever has any. Or they will give the elders and us the same references. So along with asking we have been trying to talk with everyone. Last night we really saw some wonderful miracles. We got to talk to this amazing family in the street and they were so excited for us to come visit them and teach them about this gospel. We are also teaching this other woman who was so excited when we gave her her Book of Mormon. She said, "I'm going to go read this right now!"

That's great you went and put flags on both of our Grandpa's graves! And that will be fun if you get to see Jer and Kels and Mike and Jenae! That sounds super fun! We went on splits this past week on Hermana Guaman's birthday and that was so fun because I got to go back to my old area and see lots of people! We had five pieces of cake that day.... We're grateful for the cake that we all ate! It was delicious. We also had a very interesting lesson with this girl... She told us about her witches experience and voodoo and such.. And my comp and I just said, well here is the gospel of Jesus Christ for you. Here it is, enjoy it, love it, live it, crave it. Haha The whole lesson was super..... interesting... Also, I found new shoes! So that's good! They're perfect because t
hey are really ugly. They look like typical sister missionary shoes so I really really love them a lot. That's great about Michelle getting her Bachelor's degree! Congrats Michelle!

SO I'm going into Tarija tomorrow! I am not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to the conference! I will get to see Hermana Zapata and Hermana Ellison I'm pretty sure so I'm pretty stoked! I'm just praying that the drive wont make me too sick this time. Also, I want to buy vitamins while I'm there.. They have the brand of the ones we have in the kitchen. The B9 ones or something. I'm not sure which I should buy. Help! Haha.

But this week in Bermejo was really great! We have been seeing so many miracles, and we are seriously working so hard. I have never been more grateful to be serving a mission. I feel myself changing everyday. And I love teaching these children of God here in Bolivia. I will never regret serving this mission. Thank you for your love and support. It means more than you know. Trust in the Lord. Trust in our Heavenly Father. They will guide us through all things. Do your family scripture study and prayers! They bring miracles! I love you so very much. Thank you for being my eternal family.

Love from Bolivia,
Hermana Clark
my beautiful new blanket
Service projeeect. we are taking an ax to the dirt. 

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