Monday, August 4, 2014

Hola mi familia!

Well, I didn't get transferred! I was pretty happy about that! And neither did my comp! I was hoping that we wouldn't because I was really feeling that we both had more to learn from each other, and more people we needed to teach together. Apparently President Willard was feeling that way as well! The baptism for next week is being pushed back. Our investigator has a lot of fears about her baptism so we're going to keep visiting her. But two other investigators accepted baptism for the 30th of August! One is named Lisa. She's the greatest! I love her so much! I wish you could all know her. You would love her too. We had invited her to baptism a few lessons ago and she turned us down, but then the other week while we were teaching her she just said, "I want to be baptized. How can I be baptized?" Haha we were just so shocked.. and so happy for her!

The FHE we had last week with the less active family was great! They have a new baby and want to bless him in church next Sunday... they just can't figure out a name yet! We were also visiting another less active yesterday, and she's just awesome. It was her second Sunday back at church, and she wanted to pay her tithing for the past few months that she wasn't going to church. When we visited her in her house yesterday she was asking me about Family History, and her family and I was helping her write out dates and stuff. We were looking through old documents and I just miss family history so much! I can't wait to get back into it again.

Sounds fun to have the kids in town! And I cannot believe Jamie is going into 6th grade... and what Brody is old enough to be baptized?! Haha I forgot he was the same age as Ivy.... I can't wait to see some pics of Ivy's baptism!! I'm so excited for her! I did have some of the teachers Jamie has! I had Mr. Tikasingh, however that's spelled. and I had Mr. Plantier for PE. I remember liking having him for a teacher. If I remember correctly he had a black goatee and he was one of the "cool" teachers. haha so that'll be fun! I think I had Mrs. Stanford.... but now I can't remember. Choir will be fun for Jamie!

That's so fun you got to go to Relief Society and Sunday School!! Sounds like really great lessons were given!

These past few weeks I have been memorizing The Living Christ in Spanish while we walk around. I'm only about half way done! But I'm getting there! Next I'm going to memorize it in English! I also have been carrying a Book of Mormon around in my hands. I like doing that because it helps to share it more. We use our hands so much for things so it's a helpful reminder. We also have a really awesome bishop here! He and his wife are amazing and I love them so much! They don't have any children yet like I had thought. Also, when we have people who aren't coming to church we need to visit them that day! Tell them they are missed! Help the missionaries!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Clark

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