Monday, December 8, 2014


Not yet! I still have the wonderful opportunity to be in the ward for at least 6 more weeks! My comp and I stayed the same, but our zone changed a bit. Lots of sisters finished their missions this past transfer, and a few will be finishing in a couple of weeks to make it back in time for school. It feels so weird to think these sisters are going home! The time is going by so fast. But I am loving every minute of it. I love how much I am changing as a person, and I love just having this chance to serve our Lord. I feel like the way I think is different as well. When times are hard I have found myself thinking, okay, what does Heavenly Father want me to learn from this? I know they always say that we should think like that... but just a little secret, I don't think I ever really did before, until now!:) It's hard to think that way when times are hard. But something I've learned is that when times are hard, it will eventually get better. And that's the secret. It gets better. Even when this life is challenging, it gets better. It may not be in this life, but Heavenly Father will reward us for our efforts. He sees the small acts we do, and he takes our small efforts and makes it into something perfect. President Kim B. Clark (President of BYU-I woot woot!) said, “When we act in faith in [Jesus] to do His work, He goes with us to serve others and blesses us to say just what they need to hear.” He also taught that “what we actually say and actually do may feel a little awkward or not very polished. … But the Savior takes our words and our actions and He carries them through His spirit unto the hearts of the people. He takes our sincere but imperfect effort and turns it into something that is just right, indeed, into something that is perfect.” And that's the truth. I know it is because I have seen it first hand as I testify of these things and maybe my Spanish isn't the best, but the gospel truths touch people. Heavenly Father takes our efforts and actions and testifies of it to the hearts of the people. And that's all He asks us to do really. Just give a little effort. Have faith in Him! He will help us! "It's His work, let Him do some of it!" :)

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Devotional yesterday! We didn't get to go, but I'm sure it was awesome! I can't believe it was your last fast Sunday with the late time! I feel like you were just telling me that you guys were starting church so late. And to think that was at the beginning of the year. Crazy. That's awesome the Boaz twins are home! I can't believe that either! What is going on here. And Nathan and Davin get home soon too! And then I'll be right after them... My date to come home is for April 9. Happy Birthday to me! Haha. But I'm not sure if we'll be traveling that day, or the next. I haven't heard yet, but don't worry mom I'll keep you posted. And with this time passing so fast, it'll be Christmas soon! We have been sharing with everyone the video that the Church put out about Christ. I love it! He is the Gift! We have cards that we've been handing out that say that on it, and it's been amazing to help people realize the true meaning of Christmas, and the real reason why we celebrate it. :) The Christmas customs here are pretty much the same! The banks have Christmas trees, which are really pretty! And lots of people put little trees in their houses. There are some houses with Christmas lights, but not many. Maybe closer to Christmas there will be more.. I'm not sure. But they don't bake cookies or decorate gingerbread houses. But as a zone we're going to go caroling! We did that last year, and it was really special. I was trying to help my ward realize their potential with a ward Christmas party. Haha I was giving them ideas of what we have done in our wards in the past... I think the primary will end up doing a nativity scene! I hope so!

Also, have you seen the front page of the Ensign for the General Conference issue? It's my favorite thing ever. I loved that they had native speakers speak in their native tongue at General Conference. And you can see the lady's face, she's so surprised because she can understand the speaker without the translator!!! Love it. Also, we changed houses on Saturday! That was fun carrying everything up four flights of stairs! But it was worth it. It's a beautiful house. We live with other sisters now too, so that's been fun. Yorka is doing really great as well. She's awesome. She is in Santa Cruz right now for the Holidays though, but we're going to call her this week. We also taught Relief Society and the class for the single adults yesterday! That went really well. We talked about how we can all be member missionaries, and the things we can do to help serve the Lord. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. Keep being awesome! Keep praying for those missionary opportunities and then go out and search for people! :) Heavenly Father will bless you with miracles.

Love you a million billion candy canes!
Hermana Clark

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